3 Services Your IT Support Should Provide (& What to Do If You Aren’t Getting the Service You Deserve)

Did you know that 31 percent of the IT industry is based in the United States?

While that means you have plenty of IT options, it also means there are plenty of IT support employees willing to take your money in exchange for a bad product. Because of this, many people have trouble with their IT support.

But if you’re not an IT expert yourself, you might have trouble knowing what services your IT support should provide. Lucky for you, this article is going to tell you what services they should prove and what to do if they don’t. Read on to learn more!

1. Network Security

Over 60 percent of small businesses have to fight off a hacking each year.

That means you have to have a great network security option for your business. If your IT support hasn’t offered this, that’s a bad sign.

And if they have implemented security but haven’t given you evidence, you should question what they’re doing. Sometimes bad IT support will do the bare minimum to get by with as little work as possible.

If the evidence they produce isn’t good, consider asking for more. And if they haven’t implemented any network security, it’s time to let go.

Does this sound like your situation? If it does, consider finding a new managed IT support provider.

2. Cloud Options

In the 21st century, the cloud is king when it comes to your network. While many people find it easy to do it the old fashioned way, using the cloud is a much more efficient process.

Does your IT service offer cloud support? While many might just be learning how to support, that’s not an excuse to wait until they figure it out. The earlier you can get cloud support, the better.

Having cloud support isn’t enough though. Your IT support should also be making sure that the cloud you have is the best possible option. An outdated cloud is just as bad as not having one at all.

If they aren’t offering this service, you should consider other IT support options.

3. Customer Support

While it sounds simple, customer support is actually one of the most important things you should look for in your IT team. If you can’t reach them with ease, it could be game over for your business until you can.

Great customer support also means that you have their help even when they’re off the clock. No one should be without 24/7 customer support in one way or another.

Again, if this isn’t something they provide, it’s time to find someone who does.

Is It Time for New IT Support?

Good IT support isn’t always easy to find, but that doesn’t mean it should be impossible. Even if you didn’t see it on this list, you should still consider whether or not your IT support works for you.

If you think not, here’s what you can do: find a new service. And lucky for you, we’re right here. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.