4 Advantages of Backup Recovery and Disaster Planning

There are many threats to your business data, including human error, system failure, cybersecurity threats, or even natural disasters. However, only 54% of organizations have a disaster recovery plan. Now is the time to consider backup recovery and disaster planning.

Backup recovery is one of the best IT solutions to protect your business against data loss. It is when you duplicate data and store it in a secure location, such as a cloud system. A disaster recovery plan is your way of regaining control of your IT infrastructure after a disaster.

Read on to learn four reasons why backup recovery and disaster recovery are lifelines for your business.

1. Reduce Business Downtime

If you do not have a plan for a disaster, you will spend more time trying to figure out how to recover your IT system after an event. This does not only increase business downtime, but you will be making choices in a place of stress after an event.

A data breach could cost your company weeks or even months of downtime, negatively impacting your business in various ways. With a disaster plan, you will know the steps to recover data and secure systems. And backup recovery will ensure you can regain access to data fast, which will help speed up a return to normal operations.

2. Limit Financial Losses

Data breaches cost companies around the world around $6 billion. You will have to spend more money on data recovery and fixing systems if you do not plan for a disaster.

If you lose all your data, you will have to start again with many work processes. The business downtime means you will lose revenue, clients, and opportunities.

3. Protect Your Business Reputation

You do not only have to worry about financial loss if you have a data breach. While you cannot always protect your business from breaches without a professional IT company, how you respond can be key to protecting your reputation.

If you do not have backup recovery or disaster planning, disasters will significantly impact your clients. You may lose clients and turn off potential leads. Businesses that lose data for over a week are more likely to file for bankruptcy later.

4. Avoid Legal Issues

The last thing you want after a disaster is more challenges, such as legal action. Clients may pursue a legal case due to damages and losses, which can lead to costly court proceedings for your company. Backup recovery and disaster recovery help you avoid this and provide valuable evidence if any legal issues arise.

Start Backup Recovery and Disaster Planning

There are many reasons why backup recovery and disaster planning are essential for your business. But where do you begin with introducing this infrastructure?

The best place to start is to hire an IT company to help. They have the expertise, resources, and staff to introduce secure IT infrastructure you can depend on.

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