4 Ways to Find IT Support Companies for a Small Business

Did you know that ransomware attacks were up 300% in the last year? Over half of the businesses impacted were small businesses — from law firms and doctor offices to hospitals and nonprofits.

For small businesses time really is money — and having daily operations that run smoothly is essential. IT support companies for a small business can ensure that your network is secure, cloud storage is functioning properly, and client privacy is protected.

Now more than ever, investing in your business makes sense. Here are four things to look out for when choosing an IT support company to fit your needs.

1) Quick Response Times

First and foremost, look for an IT support team that is always available. Even if you operate during normal business hours, 24/7 support is essential to ensure the functionality of your network.

In addition to availability, your support provider should guarantee fast response times. A quick response is essential to keep business functioning as usual.

2) Optimized Support

Make sure to ‘right-size’ the level of your IT support. If you are a small business, you should specifically consider support services that can grow with you.

Hiring a dedicated IT staff person or signing a huge contract, probably isn’t the right fit for you. On the other hand, leaving your IT needs to staff with limited knowledge and out-of-date technology isn’t the right option either.

Consider an IT support service with fixed payment plans or flexible contract options that match your budget. 

3) Price Transparency

Find out the frequency of payments and overall price of support. It’s very important to understand the full cost of IT support before entering into any type of agreement.

If a provider offers all-inclusive prices, take the time to understand what that really means. 

4) Team of Experts

Most security breaches come back to human error. Make sure the team of professionals you hire is as risk-averse and adaptive as the technology they support.

A great place to start is to ask about the training and qualifications of your support team. As good as 24/7 support and affordable prices are, an IT team that’s not prepared to handle IT issues or work with the technologies you rely on is a waste of your time and money.

Advantages of IT Support Companies for a Small Business

The right IT support companies for small businesses should act as a partner rather than a contractor or an employee. As a partner, your IT team should play an active role in helping you achieve your goals.

Start your search by looking for local IT support services that understand your community.

IT support companies for a small business are growing in popularity because they can provide immediate, optimized, and professional support. If you are looking for a local service provider in Kennett Square, Wayne, or Media, PA, Pegasus Technologies is a great place to start your search.

Contact us today to learn more about maximizing your IT service for your growing business.

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