5 IT Problems Your Business Should Look Out For

If you’re a small business owner you might be so busy running the business that you haven’t given much thought to IT infrastructure.

We are experts on Tech Support Media in PA and ready to help small businesses such as law firms, hospitals/doctor offices, and nonprofits avoid IT pitfalls. A lot of small businesses are concerned about cyber attacks (58 percent), but are they doing enough to keep their data safe? 

Some big problems can strike small businesses in the digital age. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 IT problems that you should look out for. 

Network Security and General Data Security

Whether your business is large or small, data security is important. If you can’t call tech support whenever a crisis happens because you haven’t instructed a team, you could feel lost. Technology support can represent the difference between staying in business and going out of business for small companies. 

Did you know that 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses? The same report said that only 14 percent of small businesses can confirm their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks.

Could your business survive a cyber attack? If you don’t have the expertise to ensure that your network security and data security are strong enough, it’s a good idea to consult the best tech support in your local area to audit and protect your data.

New Technology Integration

Another reason to consult a tech support company is to ensure that any new technology you integrate doesn’t create system vulnerabilities. We recommend that before you integrate new technology to help improve your business, you should evaluate your whole system and how it fits together. If you don’t you could provide a back door to cyber criminals who can then exploit it to steal your money, data, or computer resources. 

Most local tech support service companies can provide a systems audit for a fixed price and let you know how the software will integrate and whether you will have any potential weak spots in your systems. 

A Lack of Data Backup 

Backing up data is vital and we recommend you do so. If you do suffer a cyber attack that compromises your data you could lose it forever. 

Catastrophic loss of data is a big problem that affects small to medium-sized businesses. A report by Verizon showed that data breaches of fewer than 100 lost files cost companies between $18,120 and $35,730. 

Mobile Device Vulnerabilities

These days we spend a lot of time on our smartphones and mobile devices, even when replying to work emails. But, how secure are they? Ensure that your team, however big or small, has strict password protection and data/security controls in place to make sure criminals cannot steal information from smart devices.

Low Employee Education or Awareness

Ensure your employees have the correct training and awareness to keep your data safe. The biggest weakness in a lot of businesses is user error. 

A lot of data security vulnerabilities are caused by employees not keeping passwords safe, using their own devices, or using social media. 

Have an IT plan in place that is well understood and followed by all your employees to keep your data safe. 

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