5 Major Information Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Did you know that the tech industry in the United States accounts for 8% of all employment or 12.2 million jobs? Though technology is improving in functionality faster than ever, the industry itself isn’t growing as fast as other industries. This indicates that it’s quite an entrenched and established part of life.

Staying on top of information tech trends in and related to the IT industry is key to navigating this time. Whether you’re a business needing managed IT solutions or an entrepreneurial newcomer looking to make it in IT, these five IT trends can help you improve your 2023 game plan.

1. Computing Power Will Keep Rising

2023 will be another year of faster computing and more data creation. The knock-on effect will be the need for more people working in data analytics, programming, manufacturing, and maintenance.

As more firms arise to fulfill these needs, and as existing firms get bigger, there will also be a need for smarter IT and IS solutions. We can even expect to some AI employed to help manage workflows, payroll solutions, and more.

2. Devices Will Become More Prevalent

Not long ago, when the average business used a device, it was for something like bookkeeping, emails, and faxes. Now, smart devices can be used to coordinate construction sites, take orders in restaurants, summon cars, and almost anything else.

This growing market needs more product testers, IT specialists, and everyone to have a basic grasp of technology for everyday work purposes. It may also be worth upgrading your network to sustain the use of more devices, especially if you want to keep up with the competition.

3. Outsourcing Will Continue to Grow

Many people who didn’t grow up with smart devices have been able to adapt to using them for their daily job, but relatively few have a deep, technical understanding of the systems and software they’re using. As such, baby boomers, Gen Xs, and even some Millennials in business will continue to outsource technology solutions so that they can focus on their core competencies.

4. Datafication Will Be More Mainstream

Data is generated every time we use a device that’s connected to the internet. This can include a Tesla route, a smart fridge’s temperature, a smart Roomba’s cleaning pattern, and so much more. Data analysts can use this data to paint a picture of the world and then develop better solutions and future technology updates.

5. The Metaverse Will Become More Useful

The Metaverse is a loose term for online meeting places that can be accessed through VR tech. Every year, innovative people find more uses for new tech, and the technology improves.

Any business that can find a unique and popular use for this tech will be a pioneer today. In the future, they will be cemented as a key virtual reality business community member.

Stay On Top of Information Technology Trends

2023 will be another bright year for tech and the tech industry, but technological improvement will outpace the technology industry’s growth. Outsourcing of tech-related business functions will be the factor that allows the overall industry to keep growing at a steady pace. New uses for current data and inventions like the metaverse will also ensure the industry sees another year of growth.

If one of our information technology trends stood out to you, why not run with the idea of incorporating it into your enterprise? Find a managed technology solution to improve your business by checking out our website today.

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