5 Personality Types in the Workplace and How to Hire the Best

Looking a way to hire the best people? Say no more! Read this guide on the different personality types in the workplace and how to hire the best.

A company is only as good as the people it hires. It doesn’t matter how innovative your products are or the kind of services you’re able to offer – if you don’t have great people on your team, you have a big problem.

More so, it’s good to have different kinds of personality types in the workplace. This prevents your company from falling into the habit of groupthink, and it encourages more forward-thinking, creative ideas. Such an environment can improve everything from daily operations to customer relations and more.

But, you have to hire the right people first.

Here’s a breakdown of five common personality types of employees and how to hire (and retain) them.

1. The Creatives

Every team needs a few creatives on board. These are the people who love to come up with engaging visuals and interesting copywriting. They know how to bring a fresh perspective to the table when managing conflict and when thinking of new products, too.

The thing about creatives, though, is that they need direction and affirmation. The best way to hire a creative is to give them a clear set of expectations for them to meet, while also providing some leeway on how they can meet those requirements. Once on your team, a creative will need to be challenged and positively reinforced.

2. The Analyzers

Analyzers are the practical people on your team.

They’re the ones who love to do research and will spend hours going over a task before they decide on the best way to get something done. You need them in order to keep the train on the tracks and to make sure your company is headed in the right direction.

What they need from you during the hiring process is assurance that action will be taken for the solutions they come up with. They need to know they’ll have a team they can count on to see things through.

3. The Do-ers

Do-ers are the people who take action. These are the workhorses of a business; the ones who come in early and stay late, and who you as the boss have to encourage to take time off every once in a while.

Do-ers may be right-brained or left-brained. They may work in marketing, sales, logistics, IT management, or HR. It doesn’t really matter where you put them, what they need most is a challenge and a clear goal to achieve.

4. The “People” People

Another kind of personality type in the workplace is the “people” person.

This is the employee who can get along with anyone. They’re great at networking and they thrive and when building relationships both within the company and with clients and partners.

The best way to recruit this kind of personality is to be genuine.

Establish a connection with them that shows you care about them as more than an employee. Share your team’s perspective on leadership, personal development, and wellness. These are the things that will stand out most.

5. The Perfectionists

Last but not least, the perfectionist.

Every business ends up with one or two of these. They tend to prefer working autonomously, but they can do well in team settings, too.

As far as hiring goes, perfectionists want to know there’s structure in place. They may do well at taking the helm of a startup, but they typically perform better when everyone’s roles are clearly defined.

Blending Different Personality Types in the Workplace

Every kind of business can benefit from having different personality types in the workplace. It’s good to have a mix of creatives and do-ers, and it’s not uncommon for one employee to possess their own combination of different personality types.

It’s up to you to figure out how everyone’s personal attributes best contribute to the company, though. Play with mixing different personality types together, but allow those with similar ways of thinking to feed off each other, too.

Hiring the right people is essential to the success of any business. However, it’s important to have a diverse team with different personality types in the workplace to foster innovation and creativity. From creatives to perfectionists, each personality type brings a unique skillset to the table. By understanding the needs and motivations of each personality type, you can create a team that works well together and achieve your company’s goals. For more assistance in finding the right people, click here.