6 Tips on Improving Digital Security for Small Businesses

Digitalization is here to stay, as is remote work. It seems like the world of work in the future will be a very different playground indeed. 

Of course, all this leads to the conclusion that improving digital security will become a top priority for anyone involved in the online business world, that is everyone who has a business nowadays. 

You can’t avoid being online and you can’t avoid common cyber threats. Let’s read on to see some ways you can improve digital security for your small business. 

1. Train Your Employees – Especially the Remote Ones

The weakest link in digital security would always be the employee, especially if they are scattered all over the world working remotely. Make sure you train your employees in the right etiquette about information and security.

Also, don’t think that training them once should be good enough. Regularly updated training is crucial in today’s changing world to protect business and personal data.

2. Stay on Top of Your Updates

Too many of us get lazy about updating software, hardware, and other related infrastructure. Software updates are absolutely crucial to ensure improving digital security. 

There is a reason why your software provider is regularly updating their software – it’s to protect the software and your hardware from malware attacks and other malefic entities.

3. Remember to Use Strong Passwords and Update Them Regularly

Did you know that a majority of the people still use 123456, 123456789, picture 1, and password, as their password? This is insane that after years of being told not to use such easy to hack passwords, people still do.

Your employees need to be trained to use strong passwords, and also need to be prompted to change passwords every 3 months. 

4. Use Virtual Private Networks

If you have lots of remote employees, invest in using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). This way if your employees end up on an unsecured public WIFI, your business’s information is safe from breaches and hacks. 

5. Invest in a Good Antivirus Software

It’s always a good idea to spend a bit more money and buy antivirus software for all your employees’ laptops and devices, so they are protected from potential threats.

No need to worry about manual threat detection – it’s all done automatically for you through antivirus software. 

6. Hire Digital Security Services

If all this seems too difficult or tedious or time-consuming for you to take care of, then your best option would be to hire digital security services. 

This way you don’t need to keep on top of the common cyber threats, or the different antivirus software out there. The service you hire will take care of all these headaches so you can focus on growing your business.

Improving Digital Security Can Almost Be a Full-Time Job

With the world transforming so rapidly, it seems that improving digital security can be a full-time job (and headache) in itself. That’s why hiring digital security services, like Pegasus Technologies, is such a good idea.

If you would like to learn more about what their services include, please check out their website here.

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