A Proactive Approach to Business Technology Security Begins With Your Employees

Managed Security Services Leverages Employee Training to Protect Your Business Assets

Email phishing schemes, data breaches, viruses, and malware are just a few security threats to SMBs today. Cyber criminals have evolved from mischievous hobby hackers seeking fame to coordinated crime syndicates seeking fortune. Business data breaches aren’t just an inconvenience, they can be a huge and debilitating cost to a business.

The human factor is the most vulnerable part of your
business network

Your employees are your greatest asset, but also your greatest threat when it comes to keeping your network safe. Lack of employee knowledge around email phishing schemes, password security best practices, or what to do in the event of a data breach means your employees are putting your business at risk on a daily basis.

Protect your business with Pegasus’
Managed Security Services Program

Pegasus Technologies’ Managed Security Services program focuses on making your employees a security asset. We start by training your employees on technology security best practices. Then, we put measures in place to make sure these best practices are being followed and your technology is being kept safe.

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Who Needs Managed Security Services

Training your employees to be accountability partners in keeping your systems safe is a proactive approach that can prevent costly data recovery operations.

Managed security services is a smart option for:

  • Professional Services firms
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Education organizations
  • Healthcare organizations & Veterinary Care facilities
  • Legal firms
  • Agriculture companies

Three Managed Security Services Options
to Fit Your Budget

Pegasus offers three tiers of security services to fit your desired security posture and budget.

Tier One: Information Security Training and Assessment

We deliver on-demand, web-based training to teach each employee how to recognize and keep safe from common security threats. Regular “email phishing tests” actively measure how employees respond to dangerous phishing attempts. Tests also help CEOs and business leaders determine which employees might be putting their business at risk.

Tier Two: Managed Information Security Services

In addition to training and assessments, we can dive deeper to test the physical security of your network and security policies. We make sure employees are following guidelines to keep your assets safe and monitor for rogue devices that could harm your network’s security.

Tier Three: Managed Information Security Services with Event Management

We provide secure, cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) at a fraction of the cost of you having to invest in SIEM software. This option offers proactive event management in addition to employee training and network monitoring. The ticketed responses filter noise, assign priority, and alert employees to incidents when appropriate.

Managed Security Services Proactively Protect Your Business Assets

Businesses regularly invest in professional development programs to help their employees improve. Business technology security training not only helps employees improve, it mitigates business risk.

To learn more about Pegasus Technologies’ Managed Security Services offerings, download this PDF.

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