AI Cybersecurity: The Impact of AI on the Digital World

The AI industry was worth an estimated $428.00 billion in 2022. Projections show this will be even higher in the future.

While AI has the potential to revolutionize the business world, it could also impact your digital security network. AI tools will result in new security threats but will also create new ways to keep your organization safe.

Read on to learn how AI cybersecurity could affect your cybersecurity strategy.

Advanced Phishing

One of the ways that AI could lead to significant new security threats is by using large language models (LLMs) for phishing attacks. As anyone who has played around with Chat GPT can tell you, these LLMs are great at adopting specific personalities. For example, you could get numerous results by asking chat GPT to respond in the style of Donald Trump.

This kind of imitation has more sinister uses. Cybercriminals may try and imitate a high-level figure at a company when making phishing attacks.

In the past, this relied on the attacker’s strong social engineering skills. Using LLM AI, attackers could effortlessly create a fake email in the communication style of your CEO.

AI Exploitation

Companies must take care that cybercriminals can’t exploit their AI systems. AI systems will likely have flaws in their decision-making processes that a human operator could influence. For example, a criminal may feed an AI-manipulated data to force a particular outcome. Organizations will need to pay close attention to their AI systems to prevent this kind of attack.

Enhanced Threat Detection

Of course, AI doesn’t just help cyber criminals. It could also help to safeguard your organization. One way AI can achieve this is through enhanced threat detection.

Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast volumes of data in real-time. This means that AI can rapidly identify unexpected patterns or anomalies that could indicate a security breach. This increased efficiency could help your company to better identify and respond to malicious cyber events.

Enhanced Vulnerability Assessment

AI will be able to do more than monitor for active threats. It will also be able to evaluate your systems to try and uncover potential vulnerabilities constantly. AI tools can scan your software to discover vulnerabilities cybercriminals could exploit proactively.

This capability can help you identify and patch security holes before cybercriminals take advantage. The great thing about this kind of AI evaluation is that AI thinks very differently from human professionals. This means AI can find security problems that a human might never consider.

You Need an AI Cybersecurity Strategy

As you can see, you’ll need a solid AI cybersecurity strategy in place if you want to safeguard your organization. Not only will you need to take advantage of these tools yourself, but you’ll also need to protect your company against cyber criminals who use AI.

The best way to implement such a strategy is to work with a professional IT company. Contact us today, and we can help you to create the right AI cybersecurity strategy to suit your needs.