Annual Technology Transformation Award for Nonprofits – APPLY NOW!

Pegasus Technologies is a leading Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. That means Pegasus endeavors to be the people-focused IT department for organizations that do not have their own internal IT department on the payroll. With automation, cloud services, and virtualization, Pegasus gives organizations a full-service IT department experience at a […]

5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services for Small Businesses

Did you know that around 80% of small businesses outsource an aspect of their business’s functions? As a small business owner, you know how difficult it can be to find qualified and experienced employees. Outsourcing some of your business practices enables you to connect with talented individuals without going through the hiring process.  There are a variety […]

4 Ways to Find IT Support Companies for a Small Business

Did you know that ransomware attacks were up 300% in the last year? Over half of the businesses impacted were small businesses — from law firms and doctor offices to hospitals and nonprofits. For small businesses time really is money — and having daily operations that run smoothly is essential. IT support companies for a small business can ensure that […]

Keeping Our Clients “Pain Free”

Three major pain points we hear from our clients before making the switch to Pegasus are: Their previous provider would require multiple calls to address the same issue. Slow response times force employees to wait until the next maintenance day. Redirection to a different tech every time they call. Pegasus alleviates all three of these […]

Commonly Asked Questions about EDR

Your data is only as secure as the endpoint it lives on. Here we are going to answer some common questions about EDR Solutions and how Pegasus utilizes these approaches to keep our client’s data safe.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Regular Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is an essential task for any business. Servers keep websites active and customers happy, among many other tasks. Yet it might surprise you to learn that many people still neglect this critical task. If you don’t take care of your servers, you can expect tech problems to start happening which could stop your […]

The Need for Regular IT Risk Assessment

Even some of the largest corporations in the world can have data breaches. However, trying to eliminate these breaches from happening is beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Dealing with the data of customers or even employees is serious business, and taking action now can save much of the headache later. For this reason, businesses can […]

4 Financial Benefits of Managed IT Service Providers

You’re thinking of ways your business can save money. That usually involves looking at unnecessary expenses and making changes, or pinching your pennies and not spending money on additional services.  But when it comes to your business’ IT, hiring a managed IT service provider isn’t a waste of money. In fact, IT service providers can […]

Where is the best place to keep your passwords?

We had a client ask us an amazing question in our Cybersecurity Webinar. “I am afraid to change my password because I am afraid as soon as I change it, that is when I am going to have a problem. Where is the best place to keep your passwords safely?” Below is a transcript of […]