CEO Corner

Hi, Matt Tucker, Pegasus Technologies. You’re probably wondering right now, why is Matt driving a car and shooting a video? It seems very irresponsible, dangerous, I think pretty much stupid. You’re right, it is all three of those. But the reason I’m doing this is the team at Pegasus came to me the other day and they had a pretty valid concern that not enough people are understanding that they need to back up their cloud services such as Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Salesforce and we believe that that is irresponsible, dangerous, and stupid not to.

See, just like driving down a road at any moment, a deer can jump out in front of me, someone could run a red light, I could have a mechanical failure in the car or fall asleep, all of which bringing harm to my vehicle and me. Your data has risks as well. There are hackers, there are phishing emails, there’s ransomware, corruption, mechanical failure, all of which would bring harm to your data and financial pain to your organization. So please do us all a favor and start backing up your cloud services today. Thank you.