How Do IT Security Services Teams Protect Your Organization?

IT security services are often overlooked in the workplace, even in today’s tech-focused world. However, when talking about a managed security services provider, you’re talking about a linchpin in keeping your data and network safe from random intruders looking for a breach. Even small companies are at risk now.

A managed security services definition includes things like risk assessment and security awareness. How does a cybersecurity service protect your organization? Read on to learn some of the ways an IT security services provider protects your company from cyber disaster!

Security Monitoring

Monitoring your network is an important aspect of IT security. It involves patching software, monitoring systems and laptops, anti-virus protection, and keeping an eye out for software piracy. It also requires “health checks” on the various systems in the network, including CPU usage and firewall effectiveness.

When CPU usage spikes, you need to investigate the causes then fix them. Similarly, firewall effectiveness is a priority. When you see the firewall usage spiking, it’s important to make sure there are no breaches, and if there are, patch them immediately

Risk Assessment

An end-to-end risk assessment is another important aspect of IT security. After every major change and once a year risks need to be assessed and mitigated as best as possible, according to the needs of the organization. The risks are categorized as high, medium, and low.

The cybersecurity services team needs to make sure these risks are mitigated, accepted, transferred, or ignored based on the assessment. High risks are the most important and need to be mitigated, though some risks have to be accepted based on organizational needs. It’s not always obvious where the risks lie, which is why the assessment is done so often.

Security Awareness

It is the job of the IT security services provider to make sure employees know the security policy. The employees need to be aware of acceptable network usage and what violates internal policies. They also need to be aware of the consequences of a violation.

When a violation happens, or an unidentified risk appears, the security team needs to address the risk or violation quickly. Once the security is restored, they need to inform the management of the violation and risk. Then management can decide if a new risk assessment is needed, or if it can wait until the annual assessment.

Policy and Compliance Enforcement

In addition to making sure the employees know about security policy, the security team needs to make sure the employees are following policy. They need to make sure everyone has the proper network credentials to access needed resources. If they are not following policy, or can’t access the needed resources, then the employee’s credentials need to be reviewed.

Constant Security Solution Testing

The security team needs to be aware of evolving threats and new protections. A testing and implementation cycle is how the security team keeps the company network safe. Once the new protections are sufficiently tested, including making sure the new protections don’t have new holes, they can be pushed to the live network.

IT Security Services Protect You

When it comes to IT security, IT security services are your best bet to get the most talented IT professionals on your team. From security awareness to security solution testing, you want a knowledgeable security team and robust network protections. Get in touch with an IT security services company today!

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