Keep a Safe Distance: Cybersecurity for Remote Businesses

Working remotely has been gaining popularity for years now and because of the pandemic, it’s becoming even more appealing. While the benefits of working from anywhere with internet access are easy to see, one thing that often gets overlooked is the added risk to cybersecurity. 

So, how do you protect your remote business from cybercriminals? In this article, we’ll discuss the biggest threats and what you can do about them while working away from the office.

What Threats Come With Working Remotely?

Cybercriminals have already started taking advantage of the cyber vulnerabilities that come with working from home. So, how are they able to infiltrate you or your employee’s devices? 

Employees Using Personal Devices

Allowing employees to use their own computers, phones, and notebooks may seem like a cost-effective way to help remote work. The problem is, it can make it easier for hackers to attack. 

Worker’s Lowered Guards

Another reason secure information is more easily compromised is the popularity of workplace chat groups like Google Chat and Slack. Because of the laid back feel, employees are more likely to reveal sensitive information in their discussions.

Multiple Users

The changing nature of freelance work and temporary employees can make it difficult to keep confidential data secure.  Since many people have access to workplace applications over time, things are more likely to fall through the cracks.

How to Protect Your Business

If working away from the office brings these added challenges, what can you do to ensure the safety and integrity of important data? Fortunately, there are plenty of steps you can take to keep your business’s info secure.

Have High-Quality Malware Protection

It’s important to have the best antivirus and antimalware software for you and your worker’s devices. Consider also using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to keep a secure connection when communicating with staff.

Don’t Forget About IT

IT support is crucial to keeping information safe. Just because the IT department isn’t home with you, doesn’t mean you should try and fix everything yourself. Doing so could endanger sensitive data.

Train Employees Early and Extensively

It is critical to ensure that all employees are trained and comfortable with your company’s cybersecurity software and rules. Before sending workers off on their own, be sure they are familiar with and happy to comply with any security regulations you employ.

Take Extra Steps

There are some extra steps that many take for granted but do help. Things like requiring 2-step verification with passwords for access to data and banning the use of free wifi networks when accessing work applications can make a big difference.

Give Yourself the Peace of Mind

While there are certainly risks to cybersecurity that come from working remotely, taking these precautions into consideration and securing sensitive information will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. 

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