Keeping Our Clients “Pain Free”

Three major pain points we hear from our clients before making the switch to Pegasus are:

  1. Their previous provider would require multiple calls to address the same issue.
  2. Slow response times force employees to wait until the next maintenance day.
  3. Redirection to a different tech every time they call.

Pegasus alleviates all three of these pain points by providing live, local support tailored specifically to our client’s needs without additional fees.

Working With Pegasus

We continuously read telemetry from our remote systems management agents to resolve any problems before they become issues you notice. If you do experience a problem, wish to make a change, or want to do something new with your computers, you’re welcome to contact us via telephone, email, or web portal- whichever method is the preference of the person contacting us. 

If you call, we will answer the phone live, gather information about the situation, and assign the issue a priority to a technician from your Match-IT team of assigned techs. 

  • Critical emergency priority issues mean three or more people have a work stoppage, and we will have a technician working on it within 30 minutes. 
  • Emergency priority issues mean one person has a work stoppage, and we will have a technician working on it within two hours. 
  • Normal priority issues mean someone has requested help, but the issue is not a work stoppage, and we will have a technician working on it within two business days.
  • Simple issues may be resolved immediately by our internal help desk. 

We use meticulous tracking to record all of our services and communication with you. We share these reports with you in quarterly meetings between you and your Match-IT-assigned Technical Account Manager. The reports include things like average response times, service level failures, service level wins, volume by day of the week, time of day, device, and person. We are looking for trends to make the service experience better. In the quarterly meetings, we also discuss your organization’s goals, industry trends, security news, lifecycle management, and future years’ budgets, to ensure similar expectations from everyone and properly plan for future needs and changes.

We document common questions we encounter in your organization and build an online knowledge base that we share with your organization so that people who prefer self-service options can be satisfied.

If someone wants to know the status of an issue we’re working on, they are welcome to call, email, or log in to our support portal so they can see progress in real-time.

As time and technology have advanced, we find more and more clients prefer remote support. We can provide primary support to remote offices on the other side of the country, as well as workers whose primary office is in their homes. Whether a person in the region needs remote or onsite support, we are here to help. We perform secure, logged screen sharing sessions that require our techs to use multi-factor authentication to access. We have a fleet of Pegasus vans our technicians use to visit your sites. We are dedicated to delivering support in the most efficient way possible, be it remote or onsite, for both our clients and us.

If something isn’t going the way we expect, our issue-tracking systems send alarms to your Technical Account Manager who can proactively intervene to keep the service moving smoothly. We are candid when things are going less than great, so we can work to the root of the problem, find a workaround quickly, implement a long-term solution that lasts, and avoid future mistakes. After an issue is resolved, we survey each person who contacts us about an issue, to ensure we are servicing everyone in your organization well. We share these reports with you, to keep an open dialogue about how we are doing from your organizations’ perspective.

We are partners with key vendors, including Dell, Fortinet, and Microsoft. We have lots of experience with Google, Amazon Web Services, TechSoup, and more. We work with vendors to secure training and demonstration licenses so our technicians are as technically knowledgeable as possible, and so we can access senior vendor support options quickly.


Prioritizing people first makes the difference. Pegasus makes our clients more efficient, which makes them more competitive in their own industries.

Pegasus gives each new client a personality test. We want to fully understand the culture of each organization we support. On our side, we profile the personalities of our staff and build an IT team that matches our clients, enabling efficient communication. We call this process Match-IT. Strategic thinking, candid discussion, and the ability to show empathy are required components of meaningful communication with an IT company. Match-IT is what gives our clients the feeling their IT is being handled by a team of professionals they personally know, instead of a random technician from a large company.

Response Times

Technology is a fast-moving field that continues to accelerate. Pegasus provides long-term, comprehensive technology solutions by taking problems and examining them from every angle – technical, economic, and strategic – before presenting clients with a solid, cost-effective solution.

Every day Pegasus evaluates its own systems and procedures to develop better ways to serve its clients. By constantly evolving and by employing only the best technicians, Pegasus has strengthened its business and the businesses of our clients.

We track our response time to issues in two main ways. We track how long it takes one of our technicians to begin work on an issue, and we track how long it takes us to resolve an issue. We also track patterns like reoccurring issues, high volume at specific times of day and days of the week, and unusual volumes from a device or person, so that we can continually improve the quality of our service delivery. We share these statistics with you so that you can see this aspect of our service delivery. Here are some of our recent service delivery statistics, across all our clients:

Priority Tech Commencement Met Expected Resolution Met
Critical Emergency 100.0% 100.0%
Emergency 100.0% 97.97%
Normal 100.0% 91.97%
Low 100.0% 91.26%
Flexible 100.0% 94.03%

Pegasus Technologies is a Managed IT Services Provider for businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware region. Our mission: exceed customer expectations by delivering technology solutions through exceptional customer service and lasting relationships.