Managing Your Business Data: Secure Software Project Management

Did you know that 42% of companies don’t understand the need or importance of project management? Or that 70% of projects fail?

Online project management software can solve that and help to deliver successful projects. But online software comes with its own set of security concerns.

How do you balance the need to track your projects while staying compliant and attack-free in an ever-changing cyber security landscape?

Read on to learn the benefits of software project management and the steps you can take to keep your company and employees safe.

5 Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management is the organized approach to planning and tracking the projects your company needs to complete. Project management software enables your teams to see the project tasks and due dates and communicate with each other and the client.

Here are five benefits of using project management software, no matter your company’s industry or size.

Track All Your Projects

Prioritize the projects on your company’s strategic list and assign project managers and dates. Check on a project’s health with dashboards and reports.

Better Planning and Scheduling

Plan the project’s activities and create schedules to ensure the right tasks are being worked on correctly. Gantt charts are a great way to visualize the plan and its timeframes while the project is underway.

Allocation of Resources

Assign tasks to the right team members while viewing their current workload. Employees can see their tasks, due dates, the information they need to complete their work, and how their tasks fit within the project.

Budget Management

Estimate the costs for resources and project expenses to create the project’s budget. Easily compare the planned budget against actual expenses as the project progresses.

Easy Collaboration

Team members and clients can communicate with each other to share updates and get answers quickly. Project files can be uploaded and shared from a single location to everyone on the project.

Security Risks of Software Project Management

Modern software comes with built-in application security to prevent data from within the application from being stolen. But hackers can still compromise your software through phishing attacks and social engineering.

Is your project management software a gateway for attack? Your remote teams and on-site employees can mitigate your chance of an attack with these software security best practices:

  • Use a strong password to access the software
  • Use a different password for each online service
  • Don’t store sensitive data in files shared through the software

Not everyone in your company may understand the cyber security risks involved. So it pays to educate them as you take steps to protect your business.

Find the Right Security Partner

With a mix of common sense and a competent IT team, you can balance the right software project management with a secure IT environment. Contact the IT experts at Pegasus Technologies today and learn how to keep your IT network safe while managing successful projects.

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