March 2021 Update From CEO

On March 11th, 2021, we pause to remember those whom we lost to the pandemic over the past year. 2020 proved to be a year of many challenges. We searched deep inside ourselves at times to overcome the personal, business, and emotional turmoil this pandemic had bestowed upon us all. For many of us, those 12 long months felt like an eternity.

Although there are signs of promise as the light at the end of the tunnel comes into view, we still have much work ahead of us. And as we close out this chapter and begin to write a new one, I reflect on what lessons this year has taught us and how we have changed for the better. Last April, overwhelmed by the uncertain circumstances, I wrote my first newsletter post.

We have been pushed into a situation where we are required to spend every chaotic day and restless night with our loved ones. In a world that has been moving so fast, we often get lost in its speed and forget to slow down just enough to give your child a hug or tell a parent you love them. I, for one, forgot what it was like to have the entire family sit at the dinner table and actually talk. Now, we do just that every night.

Now rereading my words one year later, I am thrilled to share that our family still sits at the dinner table together each night to give thanks. I hope all of you can also notice positive life changes like these, regardless of size or significance.

Not only did we find new ways to cope at home, but our business went through a transformation unlike any other. Overnight, our employees were forced to abandon their comfortable work cubicles, private offices, and opportunities to socialize at the water cooler. We were thrust into a world in which our only business interaction was via a webcam and a microphone. The staff and management had to quickly figure out ways to navigate the new remote work environment. Some easily adapted, and while others struggled a bit more to transition. In the end, we made it work. In many cases, our staff worked so well that we are now confident in trusting our employees to work remotely, allowing more flexibility in the future.

I could go on with infinitely more examples of individual heroism and moments of joy at home, but I will wait to share until I see you all in person again very soon.