Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Evan McNamee

Matt: Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining us on another episode of Meet the Employee Pegasus technologies with the CEO. Today we have Evan, how you doing today, Evan?

Evan: I’m doing just fine. How are you?

Matt: Good. Love all the awards behind your head there.

Evan: Yeah.

Matt: Pretty well.

Evan: Thank you.

Matt: You’ve been here for a month and I see you’ve stacked them up so quite impressive.

Evan: Yeah, I like it a lot.

Matt: Excellent. Why don’t you take a minute to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Evan: Well, my name is Evan. I’m twenty one. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania all my life. I’ve been to college in Pensacola for a couple months.

I grew up as an Eagle Scout, a Christian, and I love computers. I love working with them. I love building them. I like troubleshooting them. This is like my dream job.

Matt: Excellent. Excellent. Well, we’re happy to have you, you’re doing great. So keep up the work and we will get some more awards for the wall!

Evan: Alright.

Matt: So how this works is your peers have submitted questions. So you cannot hold me responsible for any of the questions I’m about to ask here.

Evan: (laughs) Okay.

Matt: We’re gonna go through them and just be yourself and give us the answers.

So we’ll start right off and you know, now that the seasons are changing, this is probably an appropriate question. What season is your favorite and why?

Evan: Definitely fall. I was born in the fall. I like the colors. I like the temperature. I like the stuff that you can do in the fall. Definitely my favorite season.

Matt: Excellent. Good one. All right. So now we have the first SpaceX that just completed its first civilian trip around the world in outer space. And the question is, is if you had a chance to be on that very first play, would you take it?

Evan: Absolutely. There’s no doubt in my mind. Take me to the moon… mars. I’ll even take a trip around the earth.

Matt: So no fear there.

Evan: No, not none at all.

Matt: All right, good. Good. All right. This is a techy question here. iPhone or Android.

Evan: I use an Android.

Matt: (disappointed) Oh.

Evan: Yeah. I had an iPhone for a long time. I started using an iPhone–

Matt: Okay.. not talking about it.

Evan: (laughs) I started using an Android…I don’t know,

five years ago?

Matt: Okay.

Evan I really liked the Samsung Note series.

Matt: Got it.

Evan: I’ve always liked those.

Okay, good.

As a child, did you have

Matt: Okay, good, good.

(laughs) As a child, did you have an imaginary friend?

Evan: I think I did.

Matt: (laughs) You’re told you did?

Evan: Well, I’m told that it got weird that I would have like plates set out for this person. So it could have been a ghost or it could have been a you know, an imaginary friend. I don’t know.

Matt: Alright.

Hey. We all have our demons.

Moving along here. What’s your guilty pleasure food?

Evan: Guilty pleasure food.

I could eat that all every day of the week….(laughs) I probably shouldn’t.

Matt: Do you have a favorite topping for your pizza?

Evan: I like I like bacon on my pizza actually.

Matt: I mean bacon is good on anything.

Evan: Right!

Matt: When you were a child, did you like (laughs) your dad or your mom more?

Evan: Oh, that’s a… You’re certainly to the wolves here.

Matt: I mean… (laughs)

Evan: I have to pick a preference?

Matt: It’s a question you answer how you feel fit. It’s a nasty one.

Evan: I like my mom.

Matt: All right, well make sure your dad doesn’t get a link to this video.

Evan: All right.

Matt: Okay.

If you had to be eaten by an animal which one would it be?

Evan: Eaten by an animal? Sheesh.

Matt: (laughs)

Evan: Definitely not a bear. I know it–a bear is…the least one.

Eaten by an animal…probably like something that could swallow me whole like a whale.

Matt: That’s what I was gonna say, it’d have to be a whale.

Evan: Exactly.

Matt: All right. Do you wash the dishes right away after eating or do you pile them up?

Evan: Right away? I can’t stand a sink full of dishes.

Matt: Good. Good. Well, our kitchen here at Pegasus will thank you. All right. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in the workplace?

Evan: Craziest thing at this workplace? Any workplace?

Matt: Don’t try this workplace please.

Evan: (laughs) I saw a guy run his forks through I used to work in a warehouse and I saw a guy run his forks right through a garage door. That was definitely interesting to see

Matt: Like a forklift?

Evan: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Matt: Oh, wow. Yeah that’s kinda..

Evan: So yeah, definitely don’t tell OSHA.

Matt: Was it intentional?

Evan: Oh, no. I think he just wasn’t watching where he was going. I guess.

Matt: Alright, alright. The last one here is after you’ve dropped a piece of food. What’s the longest time you’ve left it on the ground? And then ate it?

Evan: Probably no time.

Matt: If it hits

the floor, you’re done?

Evan: Yeah, I think so. Well, it also depends on the kind of food because if it’s like wrapped up, then you can get away with it.

Matt: How about pizza?

Evan: If I drop pizza?

Matt: (laughs) Your guilty pleasure?

Evan: I don’t think I could.

Matt: Alright.

Evan: Yeah.

Matt: Hey, well, thanks so much, Evan, for being a good sport. These are some good questions here.

Evan: Yeah, interesting.

Matt: Thanks for being a great employee here at Pegasus, keep it up, and we look forward to having you for the years to come.

Evan: Yeah! Well, thanks for having me.

I like it here.

Matt: Thank you!

Evan: Alright.