Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Jason Daugherty

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Senior Systems Administrator Jason Daugherty. Below is the transcription from this interview.

Matthew Tucker: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Meet the Employee with the CEO of Pegasus Technologies. Today, we’re happy to have Jason with us. Jason is our top senior technician, and he’s responsible for everything, Pegasus, our clients alike. He’s also part of the leadership team. Jason’s been with us for 11 years now, and that’s fantastic. Let me, personally, thank you, Jason, for your years of dedication with Pegasus. It’s been a great time getting to know you and then having you become part of our family. So, thank you.

Jason Daugherty: Yeah, thank you.

Matthew: Good. What I want to do, Jason, is just turn over to you for a second and give you an opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jason: Well, like you said, I’ve been here a long time. So, I’ve done most jobs in the company at least a little bit. Now, I like to concentrate on the difficult problems and helping out the junior staff or anyone that needs help trying to figure something out. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m here for. I have 2 boys, they keep me pretty busy. They play sports, so all my free time is spent watching sports and waiting for them to be done practicing.

Matthew: [laughs] The good old days, I remember those, man. Well, enjoy them because when they’re gone, you’ll actually really miss them. I’m sure you’ve been told that before.

Jason: Thank you.

Matthew: Okay, we’re going to get into the fun part, which is the prepared questions that have come to me. Some of which I have not seen before so you cannot hold me responsible, but we’ll dive into them and ask away and get to know you a little bit differently and in some weird ways, probably.

Jason: Okay.

Matthew: What family vacation has the most lasting memories?

Jason: Family vacation, probably Disney.

Matthew: Yeah.

Jason: We’ve taken the boys to Disney twice now. I’m not sure how much they remember of it, but that’s probably one of the best vacations we had. It’s busy. You don’t really realize you’re on vacation because you’re doing so many things. Growing up, I didn’t take many vacations so anytime we go anywhere, it’s new to me.

Matthew: Good. Yeah, Disney’s always a good time. Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with other people?

Jason: I watch a lot of movies alone. I don’t mind watching with other people, but when I’m watching a movie, I concentrate.

Matthew: Sure.

Jason: So, I don’t like a chitchat.

Matthew: [laughs]

Jason: I don’t want to explain stuff to people. I want to focus.

Matthew: So, “You’re welcome to join me for the movie. Just don’t talk to me.”

Jason: Right.

Matthew: All right, good. What current hobby are you really into right now?

Jason: Well, I’ve always kind of been a car guy, so I usually tinker on Cars some. I really don’t have many hobbies right now. I do watch a lot of TV or a lot of movies, and I’m with the boys. Whatever the boys are doing, that’s what I’m doing.

Matthew: Yeah, one might say that’s the hobby right now, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Matthew: Good. What’s one amazing combination of foods that no one knows about except you?

Jason: Amazing combination of foods, I don’t know. I’m kind of a picky eater…

Matthew: Okay.

Jason: …and I’m not too adventurous.

Matthew: [laughs]

Jason: So, I’m not sure I have a crazy combination of food.

Matthew: Okay.

Jason: I do like ham and pineapple on my pizza, which is always polarizing.

Matthew: Yes.

Jason: Yeah, I’m not too adventurous when it comes to food.

Matthew: All right, I’ll give you one ’cause I’ve known you to enjoy a beer every now and then.
You’re going to do Whoppers and Guinness.

Jason: I’ll try that.

Matthew: That’s a good combo… Throw a Whopper and take a sip of Guinness. It’s a good combination.

Jason: Yes.

Matthew: All right. What’s the best/worst things about having a smartphone?

Jason: Well, the best thing is you can do pretty much anything you need to do on that phone. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve gotten calls at night or when I’m out on the road somewhere, and I can do a lot at… I can give you an answer to something from that phone, whether it’s an app that I have or connecting to another device. So, the utility is great. The bad side is you just get attached to it.

Matthew: Right.

Jason: If you don’t have it, it’s like you lost a limb…

Matthew: [laughs] Right

Jason: …and that’s probably not healthy.

Matthew: Yeah, understood. It’s kind of the world we live in. You have to try to find a way to turn it off.

Jason: Yeah. I think it’s made us a little dumber, too.

Matthew: Yeah, I think the whole Internet has done that and to some degree, so…

Jason: I used to be able to remember many phone numbers…

Matthew: [laughs]

Jason: …and now I can’t remember any.

Matthew: Right.

Jason: Because I don’t need to.

Matthew: No. Yeah, that’s right. I think I only remember my mom’s. It’s probably the only one ’cause I just dialed it my whole life. Are there any words that annoy you for no reason whatsoever that you just can’t stand hearing someone say or even saying yourself?

Jason: Phrases I have that are annoying are…

Matthew: [laughs] All right.

Jason: …”day in and day out”, “night in and night out.” They go together. That makes no sense to me, just say every day. See, there’s a couple more.

Matthew: All right. Well, that’s a good one. I mean, [laughs] it’s definitely at the top of your list, it sounds like.

Jason: Yes, I just cringe when I hear it.

Matthew: All right. Staying with you is, does your inner voice refer to you as you or I?

Jason: I guess, I. I don’t know.

Matthew: Yeah, I read that one. I’ve never given it any thought until…

Jason: Yeah, me neither.

Matthew: …I read it today.

Jason: I’ll ask myself later.

Matthew: Yeah. [laughs] Let us know the answer. Do you bite your tongue or your cheek more often?

Jason: Like by accident?

Matthew: Yeah. Well, I mean, I hope I’m not [laughs] [inaudible] biting your cheek.

Jason: I don’t know, probably cheek…

Matthew: Yeah.

Jason: …for some reason.

Matthew: Good. What is your dream car?

Jason: Dream car? I’ve always loved Ferraris. Everyone loves the Lamborghinis and all that, but I’ve just been a Ferrari guy. There’s nothing like the sound of a Ferrari.

Matthew: Yeah, I think out of all the cars made, that’s the one you just can’t go wrong with.

Jason: Yes.

Matthew: It’s that iconic of a car.

Jason: Now, you have to be insanely rich or a mechanic or both to own one.

Matthew: Right. All right. The final one here, we’ll end with this one, and it’s a good one. Who are your top 3 real-life heroes?

Jason: Top 3 real-life heroes.

Matthew: Yeah.

Jason: I’ve never given that much thought.

Matthew: It’s a good one.

Jason: It is. I don’t know if we have enough time to cover that.

Matthew: [laughs] We can go with one.

Jason: Go with one. Man, I’m just drawing a blank.

Matthew: All right.

Jason: It would probably be a sports figure ’cause I watch a lot of sports.

Matthew: Sure. It’s a tough one.

Jason. Yes.

Matthew: Is it, you think?

Jason: Yes.

Matthew: Well, next year, when we do it again, we’ll circle back around. We’ll give you a whole year to kind of put together that one.

Jason: All right, yes. I didn’t have the questions prepared ahead of time.

Matthew: [laughs] Right. Teleprompter’s not working for you at the moment.

Jason: That’s right.

Matthew: All right, Jason. Hey, thanks for being a good sport. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. I look forward to another 11, 12, 13 more years to come, buddy. I appreciate it, and thanks for sharing with everybody out there. We’ll see you later.

Jason: Sounds good. Thank you.

Matthew: Thank you.