Tech Tip: Why you should prioritize your technology gaps

The world has become digital faster than anyone could have predicted. For users and businesses across the globe, we’ve had to evolve as our processes, communications, security needs, and more are operated through technology. For SMBs, technology is not just necessary – it’s foundational to running a profitable, efficient, and scalable business. When small and […]

Commonly Asked Questions about EDR

Your data is only as secure as the endpoint it lives on. Here we are going to answer some common questions about EDR Solutions and how Pegasus utilizes these approaches to keep our client’s data safe.

How Do We Implement Security Practices to Ensure the Safety of Network Infrastructure?

What is the next generation of security implementation looking like for network infrastructure companies and Managed Security Solution Providers? Security threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Antivirus software and firewalls are not enough to protect your business from ransomware, phishing schemes, cryptolocker, or other dangerous hacks. Pegasus Web Security helps protect your business […]

January 2020 Update From Our CEO

With 2020 now behind us I am not sure if we should reflect on it as a year to forget or one to remember. We certainly all were challenged in one way or another, but in typical American fashion we have and will continue to survive as well as find a way to come out […]

4 Signs of Malware You Need to Know

The first computer was invented back in the early 19th century. Obviously, things have changed a lot since then. For one thing, they’re used in almost everything nowadays from traffic lights to video game consoles. PCs and laptop computers are also just as popular as ever. There’s just one thing—they can always be infected by […]

Pegasus Technologies Recognized for Excellence in Providing Managed IT Services

Pegasus Technologies has been recognized by CRN, a brand of the Channel Company, by naming Pegasus Technologies to its 2020 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list for the Managed Pioneer 250 category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with innovative approaches to managed services. These services help customers improve operational efficiencies, maximize return […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Managed IT Services

IT security and functionality is essential for any business operating in 2018. Click here to get 5 reasons why you need managed IT services. A 2017 study report revealed that cyber attackers targeted over half of US businesses in just 12 months. 72 percent of these businesses spent more than $5000 to investigate each case. […]

What Is Ransomware, Exactly? The Cyber Security Threat Explained

Ransomware is a brutal cyber security threat. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how ransomware works and how to protect your business against it.   Although you may have heard about ransomware in the news, you may not know exactly what it is, how it works, or what can […]