How Firewalls Work: What You Should Know

One common misconception about firewalls is that only large corporations need them. In 2018, small businesses were targeted at an extreme rate of 425% over the previous year. Long story short, you may want to keep an eye on your incoming traffic.   If you’re a small business looking to understand how you can keep your business safe, please […]

5 Reasons You Might Be Looking For A New IT Provider

Many people are sick of their current IT companies. They’ve found limitations and cracks, opening the door for a provider change or at least a second opinion. We are hearing the following complaints, and here are the responses we’ve experienced success implementing: Too slow Does your MSP struggle to respond in a timely manner? Pegasus […]

4 Signs of Malware You Need to Know

The first computer was invented back in the early 19th century. Obviously, things have changed a lot since then. For one thing, they’re used in almost everything nowadays from traffic lights to video game consoles. PCs and laptop computers are also just as popular as ever. There’s just one thing—they can always be infected by […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Managed IT Services

IT security and functionality is essential for any business operating in 2018. Click here to get 5 reasons why you need managed IT services. A 2017 study report revealed that cyber attackers targeted over half of US businesses in just 12 months. 72 percent of these businesses spent more than $5000 to investigate each case. […]

What Is Ransomware, Exactly? The Cyber Security Threat Explained

Ransomware is a brutal cyber security threat. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how ransomware works and how to protect your business against it.   Although you may have heard about ransomware in the news, you may not know exactly what it is, how it works, or what can […]

The Three Biggest IT Security Threats to Small Businesses Right Now

The Three Biggest IT Security Threats to Small Businesses Right Now Cybercrime doesn’t just effect large corporations. Small businesses are equally vulnerable to IT security threats. And they’re usually much less prepared to deal with it. Take a look at the three biggest threats to your small business that could be happening right now. In […]