Tech Tip: Why you should prioritize your technology gaps

The world has become digital faster than anyone could have predicted. For users and businesses across the globe, we’ve had to evolve as our processes, communications, security needs, and more are operated through technology. For SMBs, technology is not just necessary – it’s foundational to running a profitable, efficient, and scalable business. When small and […]

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Backup Its Data

Losing all of your data is never fun, and if you lose your business data, it could potentially ruin your whole enterprise. In this article, we’ll explain why online backups for businesses are essential. Charlie Chaplin once said, “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.” Data backups are one area […]

Tips for Saving Money on Your IT Services

Hiring dedicated staff for an in-house IT department can be exorbitantly expensive. Luckily, there are alternatives. Click here to get some IT cost reduction tips. Did you know 27% of small businesses have no IT support? The key reason many companies don’t have an IT department boils down to one thing: Cost. But implementing tech […]

Cybersecurity Compliance Budgets: A Quick Guide

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Compliance Budget Cybersecurity threats continue to rise in 2018, creating huge potential liability. Learn why you absolutely must have a cybersecurty compliance budget in place. Are you considering a cybersecurity compliance budget? These budgets are growing and more employees are being allocated to IT security than ever. In fact, cybersecurity […]

Do You Have a Good GDPR Implementation Plan? Here’s What You Need to Know

Why You Need a Good GDPR Implementation Plan In May of 2018, GDPR enforcement goes live. Does your company have a good GPDR implementation plan? Here’s why you need one, and the best way to get started. On May 25 of this year, the European Union will put the General Data Protection Regulation into effect. […]

IT for Small Business

Pegasus Technologies understands that with running a small business comes big responsibility and a large amount of stress. Why not let our team make things a little easier for you by instilling our cost-effective and efficient small business IT solutions into your company. Why Pegasus for Small Business? When you partner with Pegasus for all […]