The Different Types of Cloud Services Your Business Might Need

The pandemic reshaped how consumers and businesses interacted, which is most apparent in the $244 billion increase in U.S. e-commerce revenue. Of course, that also meant a radical shift in how many businesses use technology.

Businesses that once shunned an online presence found it an unavoidable necessity. Of course, those same businesses also faced the problem of limited experience. Far too many wound up using outdated or incomplete tech in their rush.

A bit of experience has shown many business owners that cloud services can help shore up their IT weaknesses, but which cloud services? If you’re thinking of embracing cloud tech, keep reading for the different types of cloud services your business might need.

Cloud Backups

One area where a lot of businesses fall short is data backups. Critical data often sits on desktop computers or servers for days or even weeks before someone makes a copy. Even then, they often store the copy on-site.

Data backups are a critical element in disaster recovery. Essentially, they let you pick up right where you left off, even if your business floods or burns to the ground. It only works if you can access or recover the data.

Cloud backups ensure you can access your data at will, even after a disaster.


The days of cybercriminals only attacking big companies are long over. Small businesses face as much or more risk from cyberattacks because small companies can’t deploy the same kinds of resources.

The cybersecurity expert shortage only adds to this problem. The good news is that business owners can often access cybersecurity services via the cloud. This approach saves money when compared with hiring a cybersecurity expert.


Online communication options such as VoIP phone services, video conferencing, and chat services got a lot of attention courtesy of Covid. These services make it easier for companies to control costs and communicate with remote employees.

Plus, you need minimal or no dedicated on-site tech to make them work and can rely on cloud-based solutions instead.

Managed IT Services

For some businesses, the world of IT remains an inscrutable mystery. In those cases, you don’t need a service. Instead, you need a suite of managed IT solutions.

These solutions often involve building a customized solution that folds in an array of cloud services to help you meet your current and future IT needs.

Cloud Services and You

While the pandemic drove a huge rush to get online and adopt tech solutions, you want the most from your IT investment. Cloud services can help you get the most.

Cloud services can let you access expertise you might otherwise find too costly. It can reduce costs for some or even all of your IT needs. It can also open up options that improve productivity and reduce annoyance, such as online communication.

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