Pegasus Technologies, a Managed Service Provider, we offer a wide variety of services to help keep your day to day business operations running smoothly. As part of our commitment to be a comprehensive MSP, we have recently added Voice over IP service to our menu of services.


What is VoIP?

VoIP allows you to make work calls over the internet. That means that you are no longer stuck behind your desk answering the phone all day. VoIP services rely on digital signals that travel over the internet rather than landlines. To make a call with VoIP, all you need is internet access. It is faster and more efficient than a landline service. Your business phone will be connected to a router, and that router will connect you to the internet. Your phone number then gets transferred through the internet waves to the receiver on the other end, where they’re able to receive the call.


Advantages of VoIP

  • Fixed price per person
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Phone app for your smartphone, so you can receive and make phone calls from anywhere while appearing to the person on the other end of the call that you are at your desk
  • Callers have the same experience even when the power or internet is down at your office
  • Excellent sound quality without paying for separate lines
  • Easily work from home and remote offices without changing your business workflow by using the phone app or additional desk phones
  • Industry-leading hardware quality
  • Compatible with many headsets
  • Professional recording of auto-attendant, voicemail announcements, and commercials-on-hold available
  • VoIP is in compliance with all of the latest HIPPA standards and regulations for health care providers.


Why Choose Pegasus for VOIP?

A problem with VoIP is that it can cause slow computer speeds, and a problem with the data network can cause problems with VoIP quality. Because we are responsible for computer speed, data network management, and VoIP call quality, we make better experiences for our clients. Pegasus finds and corrects issues before they become problems that our clients would notice. When changes need to be made to computers, networks, or VoIP phone systems, Pegasus first considers the impact those changes will have on those other systems, since there are interconnected in a VoIP environment. If a client has a problem or wants to make a change, one call to us can put a proper fix in place that takes into account computer speed, data network throughput, and VoIP phone call quality.


If you are in the Wayne, Media, or Kennett Square areas and VoIP services contact us today to learn how Pegasus Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone Service can help make your organization’s telephone habits more efficient with modern technology and the service you’ve come to expect from Pegasus. Pegasus wants to me your MSP. Contact us today.