What Is a Hybrid Cloud and How Can a Business Benefit From It?

Did you know that Toy Story 2 was almost deleted?

Pixar had spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to create Toy Story 2. Then in the blink of an eye, their hard work began to vanish. All because a Pixar employee accidentally ran a character deletion command.

The film’s iconic characters began to disappear right before their eyes. First Buzz Lightyear, and then Mr. Potato Head, next was Rex, and finally, Hamm completely vanished from existence.

Luckily one employee had a backup of every character on her home computer. Pixar says that without the backup file they would have had to spend an entire year correcting the mistake.

The internet is full of horror stories where companies lose valuable information. Data loss is terrifying and can happen at any time. If your company is using a cloud system, you’re already one step closer to securing your data.

When you use a hybrid account you can access multiple clouds from one platform. What is a hybrid cloud, and how can you benefit?

Read on to find out.

What Is a Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud means you have more than one type of account data. Usually, companies will have a public cloud account and a private cloud account. The two cloud accounts are commonly known as “on-premises” (private) and “off-premises” (public). When you use hybrid cloud computing you are merging the two accounts.

Tending to each account separately wastes time and money. Plus you have no plan of recourse if the primary system fails. Using a hybrid account keeps your data more secure and makes it easier to access.

Business Continuity

Have you ever heard of backing up data?

By now you’ve probably had to replicate or back up some type of data for your companies cloud. When you have a hybrid cloud you’ll be able to benefit from business continuity.

Hybrid clouds are the business continuity solution for many large organizations. A continuity solution works to help if critical data in a primary system goes missing. With this solution, the data will still remain safe in an alternate location.

Your company will have the peace of mind knowing your data is safe against any system failures. Your business won’t have to waste any time trying to recover from a data loss disaster.

Hybrid Cloud Management Software

Goals such as cost control and performance reviews are easy to complete with a hybrid cloud. Software exists that will allow you to simultaneously manage your public and private cloud accounts.

If you decide to use management software you’ll have to focus on specific goals. However, if you want to achieve any more intricate goals you should consider getting an API.

An application programming interface (API) is another tool that can combine multiple accounts. An API will be able to speak more easily to the online platforms your company is using. You can think of an API as a customizable management software solution.

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