Why You Should Be Rethinking Your Backup Strategy

Below is a transcript from Pegasus Technologies FREE Snap-Defense Cyber Security Webinar that was held virtually on October 15, 2020. In this portion of our webinar, Erik Gudmundson talks about Backup Strategies, and how they might be trickier to nail down than you’d think.

A lot of people think they have USB drives or raid, a server replication, file synchronization between locations, but the reality is modern versions of ransomware can rip right through all those types of backups. So, they are good things to have, they have a time and a place. But the route is they will not keep you safe from ransomware. Things in the cloud can be infected by crypto lockers and ransomware as well, it is spooky stuff. Again, many of you on our call are clients, and you are already good. But if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Rethink your remote access strategy. If you are using standard ports for RDP, which again, most people on the call are not, might want to just make it a little bit harder for people to guess how to get in. And VPNs they, again, have their time and their place, they are good for some things but just be aware. They are designed to place that remote computer on your internal network. So, you have to ask how secure is that remote computer. These days it’s not just as simple as removing the virus and resuming business. All 50 states now have reporting obligations when personal data is exposed. Repeat attacks are common diversionary tactics are routine. And a lot of encryption is designated from a legal standpoint, meaning if you have your data truly encrypted end to end when it is at rest when it is in motion. That is often one piece of a plausible defense. So, encryption is your friend here.