Your Antivirus May Not Be Protecting You As Well As You Think

Your Antivirus May Not Be Protecting You As Well As You Think

Why it’s important to test your antivirus

As businesses and organizations become more aware of the various threats to their network security it becomes increasingly clear they need to invest in technology to protect their assets.

But what many businesses don’t understand is that it’s not enough to invest in antivirus technology. Unfortunately, with increasing threats, your antivirus software may not be protecting you as well as you think.

You need to test your antivirus software. It’s not enough to invest in technology when it comes to protecting your business.

It’s important to know the software is working correctly and that it is addressing your individual needs. Businesses cannot afford to wait to find out there are issues with their protection.

By then it is too late. Understanding how important it is to test your antivirus software means understanding the threats.

Let us explain:

A Growing Threat In Network Security

Cyber attacks are growing in frequency and intensity. Businesses aren’t the only ones who are at risk.

The 2016 election in the United States has been marked by controversy. According to trusted news sources, many emails from government organizations were hacked by foreign entities to influence public opinion.

If government agencies can be hacked then certainly a business needs the best possible security solutions to protect network integrity. And beyond influencing opinion or advancing an agenda there is a growing financial threat when it comes to network security.

Your data is certainly at risk. With industrial espionage and corruption, the valued information about your goods and services could be in jeopardy.

Further, you could be risking the loss of your customer data and hit your business with security concerns. In the digital marketplace, nothing is as sacred as protecting the financial and personal information of your clients.

As these threats grow it’s important to test your antivirus software to address the threats before they occur.

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Ransomware: A New Chapter in Cyber Threats

Even personal computer users have long been aware of the need for cybersecurity. Too many of us have downloaded a virus and lost files or functionality in our computers.

But the new threat of ransomware on enterprise levels is especially devastating. Ransomware can spread fast and disable operations while resulting in heavy financial penalties.

In May, hospitals, telecoms and police forces around the world were victims of a coordinated ransomware attack.

The hackers demanded payment via Bitcoin to return files unscathed to the various organizations that were scattered across 7 different countries.

In healthcare alone the results were devastating. Patients were turned away from hospitals and operations were canceled due to the ransomware hack.

As these threats can spread so quickly and disrupt businesses it’s more important than ever to know your antivirus is operating correctly.

Botnet: Another Reason To Test Your Antivirus

Cyber terrorists are getting more creative. Last October was the first ever attack by a botnet.

A botnet is a new approach. It uses DVRs, routers, closed circuit cameras, and other household devices to orchestrate an attack.  

The recent botnet attack disabled websites like Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix. With all the damage traditional viruses and ransomware offered it’s hard to imagine an entirely new system of threats.

But as the Internet of Things becomes more widespread the associated security issues multiply.

Experts note that the Mirai code that allows hackers to create a botnet and disrupt websites is readily available. Mirai was released on the dark net and is a source code that is easy to deploy.

As a result, even amateur hackers can pose a major threat to internet security and websites.

The Time Is Now

It’s not enough to invest. You need to know your security dollars are well spent.

When even government agencies and advanced networks are at risk you and your business can’t be far behind. Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to network security.

You can’t afford to lose customers, data, or internet access to a cyber attack. Also, you can’t afford to shell out heavy ransoms just to get your business back online.

The problem with paying a ransom once is that your attackers will know your weaknesses for the next time.

A Brilliant Disguise

As if the growing threats of ransomware and botnets weren’t enough. But hackers are even getting more creative when it comes to hiding their malware.

Mobile security is at risk as spyware developers use sandbox technology to hide their malware. This approach is undetectable by some antivirus technology.

Watch Out For The Big Names

We all love brand recognition. A pair of sneakers is that much better when they have the Nike swoosh running down the side.

But the same isn’t always true when it comes to antivirus technology. Why?

Hackers know the popularity of these programs and can use the antivirus software itself to exploit your network.

Last year a warning went out from Symantec, the Norton Virus software maker, announcing there were major security threats.

Even if you’ve invested in a big brand name you need to make sure you are secure by testing your software.

Get The Best From Antivirus Technology

Investing in software isn’t enough. You need to know that your tools are actually protecting you and your business.

Pegasus Technologies delivers complete security protection with a systematic approach.

We save you money. Our solution proactively protects against major threats before they become an issue.

Our software adds another layer of protection. You can prevent malicious activity on your network and keep you safer from cyber criminals.

And we keep you safer from cyber criminals.

Our holistic security approach does more.

Don’t Just Test Your Antivirus

Keeping your network security requires more than a great antivirus procedure and software. Your team needs to know how to best use the processes and tools you have in place.

Did you know you can test the Security IQ of your employees? Pegasus Technologies lets you quiz your employees.

You can make sure your team knows how to keep your business technology safe!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to identify risks in your organization.

Download this great Technology Security IQ Test for Employees now.

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