Your Guide to Types of IT Services, Wayne PA

Even if you’ve yet to consider IT outsourcing, you’ll probably know a company that is.  It’s certainly a popular option. 34% of small businesses outsourced some of their IT tasks in 2020. 

Of course, IT is a giant umbrella term and encompasses various activities. So before you consider outsourcing, it’s worth understanding what types of tasks you can delegate to an external company.

To help you, we’ve put together this complete guide on the types of IT services in Wayne, PA, that make up the complete list of activities your business can outsource.


Uptime on your entire business data network means regular monitoring and updates. That’s part of network management, a common task for our IT service experts.

Network management encompasses software and hardware to collect data on network activity (such as intrusion detection), act on problems, and push out configuration updates across the system.  


Security encompasses data security, network security, and system security.

That might include essential services such as password management or remote access for employees, or more complex work security management, such as cybersecurity and prevention against hacking.

Good security is about prevention, which can have a catastrophic effect on the business, including downtime or data breaches.   


Infrastructure services include server management, setting up, updating, monitoring, and decommissioning physical infrastructure.

You might also call upon an IT service provider to arrange cloud-based infrastructure for your business. That’s an option that is becoming increasingly common due to the flexibility.

Storage and Backup

Regular data backups are critical for your business to minimize downtime. You’ll also want to know that your installations are in safe hands, and that any system updates include a complete backup before a brand new release.

That’s where an IT service provider can help.

IT service providers will also ensure that data is stored correctly (and securely).

Front-Line Help Desk

Many companies find that having an external helpdesk team can be valuable as they expand.

A helpdesk can help set up a new employee with the right equipment or quickly fix a minor but inconvenient problem.

Whatever the issue, being able to call upon a proper front-line service desk will minimize the disruption for your team.

IT service companies like ours can easily add a first-line support service to your business. It will give you the hassle-free peace of mind that your team will get prompt technical support 24/7. 


Hardware services might include workstation management, laptops, servers, and network equipment. It might also include setting up other peripheral IT devices, such as audio and visual equipment for conferences. 


Your IT provider can take charge of software rollout and management. That includes installing updates to software, releasing new features, and software training for your staff.

Many businesses are also turning to SaaS (Software as a Service) as a more flexible, cost-effective way of paying for their teams’ software.


Finally, don’t forget about the value an IT service provider can offer your business when consulting on technical matters.

That might include planning a new software rollout, updating old IT infrastructure, or helping to put together your security strategy.

Using technical experts to help with your technical direction is a valuable way of making the most of our IT knowledge.  

It’s Time to Hire Experts for Your IT Services in Wayne, PA 

For your team to work effectively, you need IT systems in place that are reliable and robust. So now’s the perfect time to call in the experts and find out which of our IT services in Wayne, PA are right for your business.

You can do that by getting in touch with us today for an informal chat. Tell us what your business needs, and our specialists can advise you on how we can help. 

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