Essential Network Security Measures for Businesses Insurance

Cybersecurity crime amounts to around $200,000 per second, which can devastate businesses. Due to the increase in cybercrime, business insurance now requires more network security measures, which will also benefit your business. Business insurance requirements now include network security. You might find you need additional cyber insurance depending on company risks. However, these are some of […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Ransomware

Did you know that businesses large and small can feel the economic and reputational impacts of ransomware incidents? Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that blocks access to data or technological systems until a business provides a sum of money to the attacker. Ransomware incidents can leave companies in bad shape, and might even cause bankruptcy. […]

Inconsistent Data Management: 3 Ways to Improve Data Storage

There are over 33 million businesses in the U.S. alone. Most of them are inundated with data. They generate internal data, such as sales numbers, marketing figures, and production rates. Then there is all that data that they get from third-party sources, such as social media sites, email list management systems, and supply chain partners. No wonder […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Project Plan

Are you considering moving your data to the cloud? Cloud migration can be a great way to improve efficiency and flexibility for your business. But before you start the process, it’s important to develop a cloud migration project plan. Successfully migrating to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. Keep reading as we walk you through the […]

How Security Breaches Are Affecting Popular Social Media Platforms

When you read about yet another cyberattack, do you ever wonder if your account is safe? And when a business becomes the victim of ransomware, do you worry that maybe your company is next? For years we’ve been told that to compete in today’s marketplace, you must have a social media account. Yet, every time […]

The Different Types of Cloud Services Your Business Might Need

The pandemic reshaped how consumers and businesses interacted, which is most apparent in the $244 billion increase in U.S. e-commerce revenue. Of course, that also meant a radical shift in how many businesses use technology. Businesses that once shunned an online presence found it an unavoidable necessity. Of course, those same businesses also faced the problem of […]

What Is a Private Cloud? A Guide for Businesses

Is your company taking the proper precautions to protect its data against hackers? There were 1,862 data breaches in 2021. That is 68% higher than the previous year. With strict data protection regulations in effect, protecting sensitive data is a must. One of the best ways to increase security is for your business to invest in a […]

How Managed IT Services Can Help Ensure Healthcare Compliance

Does your healthcare organization have a Compliance Officer? How secure is your IT network? These are questions that can keep you up at night. Especially when there are over 500 active healthcare cybersecurity breaches. Or the cost to update outdated healthcare systems is expected to surpass $125 billion. There is good news, however. Ready to reach […]

Internal IT Team vs. Managed IT Support Services: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, you rely in some way or another on technology. Not all companies can afford the luxury of a dedicated, full-time IT Team. Is your team prepared to undertake the responsibilities of an internal IT team? If not, managed IT support services should be considered. In the end, though, it will come down […]

6 Tips on Improving Digital Security for Small Businesses

Digitalization is here to stay, as is remote work. It seems like the world of work in the future will be a very different playground indeed. Of course, all this leads to the conclusion that improving digital security will become a top priority for anyone involved in the online business world, that is everyone who has […]