Managed Antivirus

As your business grows, so will your business network — and more devices will need to be added. Also, the complexity of network applications is increasing. Pegasus Technologies understands that managing the ever-changing world of technology can be overwhelming, and yet the security of your network is more important than ever.

We provide fully managed antivirus to small businesses and companies in the USA. Using advanced software, we help protect your computers and devices from malware, viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other potentially devastating cyberattacks.

At Pegasus, our network engineers monitor and manage your IT infrastructure remotely for any threats and neutralize them as they occur. Additionally, they so install antivirus updates remotely without disrupting your work.

With Pegus Technologies, you never have to worry about threats. Our software is regularly updated to deal with both known and unknown threats. We perform behavioral and heuristic checks in our managed antivirus solutions to keep you and your data safe. In any case, we’re just a call or email from solving any threat that’s accidentally opened.

Features Of Our Managed Antivirus

Every day new threats from spyware, trojan horses, viruses, password hijackers, and other malware exploits pose a threat to your IT equipment. Pegasus’ managed antivirus solutions ensure total security of your data, PCs, servers, and laptops with staff working round the clock to manage and mitigate threats. Our virus solutions include:

Performs a thorough scan of viruses at each endpoint in the computer, such as memory, hard drives, and external devices like USB flash drives.

  • A quick local scan checks the most common virus inspected areas in a computer.

Provides constant protection by continuously checking the computer memory and file system for viruses and malware.

Provides instant antivirus notifications Provides real-time antivirus alerts through Central’s proactive alerting feature.

Keeps virus definitions up-to-date to protect your organization from the latest threats.

Keeps virus definitions up-to-date to protect your organization from the latest threats.

Benefits Of Managed Antivirus Services

Switching to managed antivirus has many benefits for your business or organization. Here’s how you stand to gain.

1. Personalized Protection

Get tailor-made protection for your organization so you can spend more time serving your customers. We customize vulnerability and disaster remediation plans to guarantee maximum protection.

2. Cloud-Based Deployment

We help you cut costs and deployment time with our cloud-based solutions compared to traditional onsite server antivirus installation. This way, your endpoint protection is faster for new workstations.

3. Instant Threat Detection

Virus protection needs a rapid response to deal with the threat. Our systems and windows protection solutions detect threats as they occur in real-time. Our remote monitoring and virus definitions downloads allow us to deal with threats quickly. Our behavior monitoring software will enable us to respond to both unknown and known threats in no time.

4. Mobile Device Management

Safeguard your data even when your employees are on their mobile phones. Our antivirus solutions work with all kinds of endpoints – whether remote or onsite. Schedule deep scans today!

5. Central Management

The best way to ensure all your devices are protected from sophisticated malware is to use a single antivirus management source. We offer the best antivirus feature, latest virus definition downloads, disk encryption manager, among other protection measures.

6. Consistent Security

Our managed antivirus solutions ensure consistent protection of your data and systems as employees cannot switch off or remove antivirus solutions. We give detailed reports of our protection.

7. Continuous Monitoring

Our remote monitoring ensures you get continuous protection without disrupting your workflow. We scan and remediate any threats behind the scenes while applying patches and updates to your protection software. We also provide a sandbox environment for unknown threats.

8. Cost-Effective Pricing

Our managed antivirus solution is cost-effective with our per-use license compared to individual licenses. Get discounts for specific solutions as your business grows.

End-To-End Protection From Malware

Spyware and Ransomware Protection

Small and medium organizations are increasingly becoming targets of attacks. We offer active and remote protection and remediation against ransomware and spyware for end-user or computer networks.

Patch and Security Management

After checking your networks and systems, we use patch and security management software to reinforce any weaknesses we identify. We also regularly conduct full system updates of virus definitions to deal with hackers and efficient data protection.

*License and User Management

Big antivirus software companies like Bitdefender offer great protection. Growing companies find it hard to manage their users and licenses. Get great deals with third-party antivirus software and cloud solutions from our partners to save cost and time – it’s easier and faster when we do it.

Get Managed Antivirus Services Today!

Take advantage of our managed antivirus services to secure your workstations and PCs. Sit back as we schedule updates to the system, perform deep scans, clean and remove spyware and ransomware remotely without interfering with your work.

We have tailor-made solutions for your business to guarantee maximum solutions and personalized security for your customers and employees. At Pegasus, we work with all kinds of companies to secure their computer systems. Our team is highly qualified and offers advice on ensuring all your equipment and infrastructure – including employee mobile phones.

Not sure where to begin? Get in touch with us to find the right security for your business from our many solutions. We grow with your business and help you keep costs down as you add employees. Call us on  610.444.8256 or 302.232.6232 to schedule an IT consultation.