Advanced Email Security

Spam Filters and Antivirus have been required layers of email protection for years, and cybercriminals have grown more sophisticated. To combat these new threats, in addition to providing cybersecurity awareness training and assessment to all flat-rate IT services clients and providing other defenses like two-factor authentication, Pegasus now offers an Advanced Email Security service that layers Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take your email protection to the next level.

If you are concerned about ransomware or spearfishing, we recommend better protection with Pegasus Advanced Email Security. Because this service lives in a secure cloud, we are continually improving your protection, without the need for you to buy hardware or add any capacity. Contact Pegasus today to learn how we can better protect your email communications

Here are some examples of what Pegasus does to help keep you safe:

  • Account Takeover Protection: You log into your email at 8am from Philadelphia. At 8:37am, we detect “you” logging into your email from Los Angeles. There are no failed login attempts because someone knows your password. We halt this unusual activity.
  • Business Email Compromise Defense: A criminal posing as your CEO emails your CFO, directing an urgent wire transfer to retain a key client or avoid service suspension from a key vendor. Using AI, we detect an unusual pattern in the message and block it.
  • Insider Risk Monitoring: One person inside your organization emails another internal person, asking for credentials to your online banking website. We find and remove these fraudulent emails.
  • Domain Fraud Protection: We look for social engineering attacks where the sender spoofs your domain or uses an email address very similar to one regularly used by your organization. We track and block illegitimate email senders.