Run Multiple Systems Simultaneously

Virtualization Definition
Virtualization is technology that is developed without underlying hardware or software. Virtualization allows a business more flexibility and control to their system. Many important technology aspects can be virtualized:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Networks
  • Storage
  • Data
The ability to virtualize all of these technology components gives your business virtually no downtime and no data loss. Moving into virtualization ensures your business is ready for future growth with new technology innovations.

Types Of Virtualization

Personalization of your virtual network can help increase productivity and simplify your technology structure.

Allows for more efficient use of resources, improves availability, and enables easy disaster recovery.

A computer’s desktop that can be accessed remotely makes it more secure and mobile because it’s run from a data center server.

Network management is made simple through the ability to perform administrative tasks automatically and with easy to manage files.

Gathering physical storage from all your network devices allows for easy backup, storage, and recovery, in less time than before.

Simple retrieval and manipulation of data is easy and simplified when you don’t need to know the physical location of the file.

Do More, With Less

Any business looking to streamline their technology and cut costs will see how easy it is when they work with Pegasus Technologies. As your virtualization partner, we will help develop a virtualization package for your business that will simplify your technology in one place. When we help your application performance improve, you get a better value at a lower cost. See how Pegasus Technologies can bring your technology systems into the future with virtualization.

Let’s Talk About How Virtualization Can Help You

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Pegasus has been extremely helpful with all of our technological needs. We had a disruption with our IT staffing, and Pegasus made sure we didn’t miss a beat. Thank you!
Andy Sinclair
Andy Sinclair
13:20 07 Jul 21
As always Pegasus performs to the satisfaction we have come to expect with your firm, thank you for your knowledge and help whenever we call upon you.
Kate Rabatin
Kate Rabatin
18:44 17 May 21
Pegasus Technologies supports my employer, Operation Warm. Recently, I received a new computer. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the machine's firmware. I notified Pegasus and they responded within the hour. They sent a technician to our office and by midday...Sean had a new machine up and running!
Heather Connolly
Heather Connolly
15:14 12 Apr 21
Very prompt response and speedy fix to computer issue.....even on a national holiday!
Don Lincoln
Don Lincoln
17:48 18 Jan 21
Problem reported; problem understood by staff; problem confirmed by technician; problem resolved within minutes. Response and service could not have been better.
20:26 12 Nov 20