Cyber Security Audits

Do You Need A Cyber Security Audit?

By now, people are aware of the various malicious incidents occurring within the world today. Over the past decade or so, more corporations, small businesses, and individuals have experienced more cyber security threats.

Firms note that cyberattacks are more likely to occur due to technology’s more integrated nature within our world that is more connected than ever

It makes sense to conduct cyber security audits and have a comprehensive cyber security plan in this environment.

Suppose you are looking for a cyber security audit and want to discuss aspects like network access control. In that case, our team at Pegasus Technologies is pleased to help out regarding security policies, data security controls, security practices, and more.

We understand that your business continuity is critical to you, your team, and your shareholders. We work with you to address cyber threats, physical security, and more with our security monitoring capabilities.

Find out how Pegasus Technologies can help with regular cybersecurity audits and security controls.



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The Need For Cyber Security Audits

Why would you want to think about a cyber security audit for your organization? We have various ways to protect our assets in the traditional physical world. This may be a fence around a house or a safe to keep physical assets; we may even have a vault and insurance.

Alternatively, as the digital world becomes more apparent or relevant, it would follow that it makes more sense to protect your assets online.

Your assets comprise your website, online financial assets, and other assets that one can reach in the cyber realm.

1. What is the Cause of Malicious Cyber Incidents?

The reason why cyber attacks occur may vary; as noted above, they can take place for financial gain or entertainment purposes. The cyber attacker can conduct the activity to show they can do so or use the proceeds to ask for a ransom.

The damages from cyber attacks can range from $50,000 to $50,000,000. Yes, it is a wide range of values depending on the nature of the attack and who was attacked.

2. Do cyber attacks occur frequently?

Cyber attacks can take place regularly. Indeed, they can happen daily. This is even more prevalent with different sectors like the emerging blockchain market, where one sees high-profile attacks due to vulnerabilities.

A famous quote from a tech professional goes as such, two kinds of companies exist within the world today, those that have been hacked and those that are not aware of a recent hacking incident.

Recent reports indicate that there has been a higher volume of attacks over the past four years.

3. Personalized Protection

Cyberattacks, or attacks online, are harmful and purpose-oriented actions by various parties to obtain information or disrupt services. The value in conducting the attack may be quite a bit, or some hackers may do so on a lark.

What Is A Cyber Security Audit?

A cyber security audit is a comprehensive and rigorous inspection of an entity’s current cyber defense systems.

The cyber security audit is beneficial because it seeks to check if the right elements are in place to cover an organization. For instance, the audit will account for effective security controls, comprehensive policy implementations, and processes and procedures to properly defend against and minimize threats.

If all of these aspects are working properly, the organization is up to par or could be up to par.

The checklist boils down to the common notion of “inspect what you expect.”

A proper cyber security audit provides peace of mind to all parties interacting with the organization. For instance, it will report the current status of the security to leaders within the organization and to external parties that care.

Remember that an organization’s security posture is critical, as it shows the ability to ensure business continuity and mitigate risk.

These audits help organizations be aware of their present state and improve their defenses so that they can negate or minimize threats. A large portion of businesses are affected because of vulnerabilities within their systems and due to a lack of effective policies and procedures; this is why it is necessary to work with Pegasus Technologies.

At Pegasus Technologies, we understand the need for data security, security personnel, internal cybersecurity audits, relevant compliance standards, and general security awareness. We make it a point to conduct a thorough cybersecurity audit that checks for effective security policies and more.

Cyber Security Audits Make A Difference For Your Organization

Our team at Pegasus Technologies will use our comprehensive process to ensure effective security within your organization. Our audits consist of key elements below.

  • Operational due Diligence

  • Data Defense

  • System-Level Defense

  • Network Protection

  • On-Premise Protection

A comprehensive audit will account for policies, encryption used, patching movements, control of accounts, antivirus elements, biometric data, and multifactor authentication.

As you can see, there are various aspects to cover within a cyber security audit. It must be comprehensive to account for the different attack surfaces present within each organization.

Our team at Pegasus Technologies will discuss your needs, show you the various issues after an audit, and move forward with the necessary improvements.

Proper Security Mechanisms And Data Confidentiality Is Critical - Work With The Cybersecurity Team At Pegasus Technologies For Your Cyber Security Audit Process

We prioritize your network security and system security. In this information era, it is necessary to have more dynamic threat management, proper IT infrastructure, and security solutions to account for different potential attacks.

Our team of senior account managers, technical consultants, and help-desk support has the technical expertise and dedicated attitude to build a lasting and successful relationship with you.

You can expect fast response times, efficient ticket tracking, and regular status meeting with our various security personnel.

We can learn how we account for cybersecurity risks, policies, security posture, and disaster recovery with our comprehensive services today.