Secure Passwords

FACT: Passwords Are Easily Hacked Because Most Humans Follow Similar Patterns.

Criminals have a secret love affair with your predictable and repeatedly used passwords across multiple platforms. They can’t help it; after all, it’s just less work for them to crack into your system!

Solution: Pegasus Vault

There’s a simple and convenient way to combat this – and that’s by adopting multifactor authentication and unleashing the power of unique, intricately complex passwords at each access point. But let’s face it; remembering them all is impossible, right?

That’s why we’ve developed a new critical tool named ‘Pegasus Vault’.
This tool is like an invisible, indestructible shield that stands guard to your business’s cybersecurity, and it’s ready to become your best digital defender. With Pegasus Vault, juggling multiple complex passwords is a thing of the past! Now you can fortify your system without breaking a sweat. So, let’s make your business a fortress that cybercriminals can only dream of breaching. Step into the future of cybersecurity with Pegasus Vault today!  

Key Features of Pegasus Vault

  • Securely keep all your team’s passwords

  • Cloud-based (no server or backup required)

  • Comes with a mobile app (no computer is required to get a password)

  • Enforced password strength and uniqueness

  • Audited employee password use

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)-protected

  • Active Directory integration is available

Experience the Power of Pegasus Vault

Residing in the cloud, this innovative solution safely nestles your credentials within a fortified, encrypted vault. This isn’t your standard vault; it’s a well-organized, customizable space. You can classify your credentials as per your preference into different folders and subfolders, just like an elegant digital library.

But we don’t stop there. Pegasus Vault has been designed with a collaborative spirit in mind. You can handpick team members and grant them access to specific folders, thereby ensuring shared passwords’ security and fostering seamless teamwork.

The beauty of our solution is its accessibility. You can reach into your vault anytime, anywhere, and from any device. But with flexibility, we don’t compromise on the robustness. We enforce rigorous policies to ensure your passwords align with your organization’s security expectations

Easy Password concept.  My password 123456 written on a paper with marker.

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