VoIP Phone Service

Pegasus Offers VoIP Phone Service

Business phone service has evolved. Your work phone no longer restricts you to your desk. New options are available to organizations of all sizes at prices no higher than traditional phone systems and copper phone lines from a few years ago. Pegasus is here to help modernize your phone experience.

Key Features:

  • Presence indicator / busy lamp available on phones and software

  • Voicemail-to-email, with transcription

  • Call flip, to seamlessly move an active call from the desktop phone to a mobile phone or vice versa

  • Conference bridge for large calls

Why Choose us for VOIP

Move your existing local, toll-free, and fax numbers

Unlimited WebFax service

Callers have the same experience even when the power or Internet is down at your office

Excellent sound quality without paying for separate lines

Easily work from home and remote offices without changing your business workflow, by using the phone app or additional desk phones

Industry-leading hardware quality

Compatible with many headsets

Polycom, conference room, and cordless models

Unlimited domestic calling

Unlimited 3-way calling

Fixed monthly price per person

VoIP Phone System

Think about business VoIP as an application instead of separate communication equipment. Once we set up VoIP and associate a user with a phone number, you handle inbound and outbound calls! VoIP delivers a virtualized communication experience via internet protocol and makes it possible for you to make distributed calls.

Not sure what VoIP phone system works best for your medium-sized business? Get in touch with our VoIP experts. They will help you determine the right VoIP solution and deploy it. We know that various companies have different communication needs and requirements. No matter your virtual phone service requirements, Pegasus Technologies can recommend the best business VoIP phone solution that matches your need.

Let us know what you want or what VoIP features you’d like, and we’ll recommend, install and configure a unified VoIP business phone service for your fast-growing company or organization. We’ll ensure you have all the traditional telephony functionality with greater flexibility and lower costs. We can guarantee you highly reliable connections and superior voice quality.

Features of VoIP Services:

  • Auto-Attendant/Virtual receptionist

  • Advanced call groups

  • 3-way conferencing

  • Custom greeting

  • Video conferencing

  • Call routing

  • Advanced call forwarding

  • Call recording

  • Internet fax

  • Team messaging

  • Call analysis reporting

  • Toll-free number

  • Presence indicator

  • Voicemail-to-email

  • Smartphone App

  • Call flip

  • Spam caller protection

  • Conference bridge

Benefits of Business VoIP Service

If you’re in the market for a VoIP system but not sure whether it is a worthy purchase, here are compelling reasons to make a switch today.

You can scale VoIP systems to meet the growing needs of your organization or business. You can buy more VoIP handsets and easily add new numbers to your phone network. Anyone can make or receive calls through the same phone system. Once the VoIP phones are connected to a broadband connection, employees can use your business lines remotely.

You can migrate your existing telephone numbers from your current service provider to hosted VoIP anytime. Customers won’t have to wait for hours or make multiple calls to get help. Employees get to re-route incoming calls to their colleagues out on the field.

Start making low-cost telephone calls 24/7 without the burden of expensive hardware or the prohibitive costs of maintaining traditional PABX lines. VoIP phones are available at various price points. We’ll find you a virtual phone system that meets your budget. With a business VoIP solution, you can lower your monthly telephone bills and avoid the high costs of operating traditional phone lines. The benefit of switching to VoIP technology goes beyond lower call charges to your core business communication systems.

Hosted VoIP is the key to improving staff mobility and communication. Once you set up VOIP, your staff can have the option to access the business phone system remotely via laptop or a softphone and make low-cost VoIP calls anytime. All they need to make internal calls and advanced access features is a handset and broadband connection.

Hosted VoIP is the key to improving staff mobility and communication. Once you set up VOIP, your staff can have the option to access the business phone system remotely via laptop or a softphone and make low-cost VoIP calls anytime. All they need to make internal calls and advanced access features is a handset and broadband connection.

Using your traditional PABX system or personal phone to run your business can hurt your image. VoIP system provides you with numbers for various countries outside the US. You can use those virtual numbers on your website or in areas where you don’t have an office and route them to the US once you receive business phone calls from foreign clients. That way, you will boost your business image and make your clients feel closer to you.

VoIP comes with a set of advanced features that will simplify and enrich your communication experience. Employees can make conference calls, have video meetings, send voicemail to email, and control your phone system via virtual PBX as long as they have access to an internet connection.

Voice quality is vital for any business telephony system. Hosted VoIP not only offers a clearer voice quality but a far better quality than you’d get with conventional business telephone lines. Your employees can communicate easily with customers and provide help quickly with excellent voice quality.

VoIP is fully managed and supported remotely. VOIP scales and adapts smoothly to satisfy your communication needs as your business grows. For a richer telephone experience, you can add extensions and features such as voicemail and call forwarding without sacrificing the quality of communication.

Looking for business VoIP phone services?

Pegasus Technologies can help you leverage the power of business VoIP phone service, a unified communication system that’s many times cheaper, reliable, and scalable than your traditional telephone lines. We have provided VoIP systems to medium-sized businesses looking for affordable phone systems for years. We can get you the best VoIP service for your business and pair it with mobile devices using one virtual business phone number to create hands-free telephony that fits your calling needs. Your virtual phone system comes with advanced call management features and lets you have a personal and meaningful conversation. If you’d like to know more about our IP desk phones or a VoIP service that can benefit your business, call schedule a one-on-one consultation with our VOIP experts.