The Relationship Between Tech and a Business Continuity Plan

Did you know that cybercrime has risen by over 300% since COVID-19? With the world becoming more digitally oriented, it’s becoming easier for hackers to infiltrate a business’s computer systems. If you own a small business and have never thought about writing a business continuity plan, you need to. A BCP will help your company recover more […]

5 Benefits of Regular Software Upgrades and Updates

Many companies make use of different technologies, including smartphones, to get their work done. Relying on this much tech means you need everything to run smoothly. Regular software upgrades are the best way to make that happen. Why do you want to keep your company’s technology up to date? What are the benefits of making that […]

8 Examples of IT Infrastructure Services

IT manages data and secures all technology assets. IT infrastructure services are crucial for small and medium-sized businesses, especially when they can’t budget for in-house IT department service. Outsourcing provides top-tier knowledge and experience that caters to your company’s needs. It’s also financially workable. We’ve provided eight examples of IT infrastructure services available in the Kennett Square, […]

Business Phone Service: 4 Reasons to Invest in VoIP Services

It seems like email and texting have taken over the way we communicate. But when it comes to business, 60% of customers still pick up the phone to contact local businesses. When your customers call, the last thing you want is not to answer. So, having the right business phone service is essential for any local […]

5 Great Advantages of Using Hybrid Cloud Services

You have likely heard of cloud storage before. You probably already use it if you have a smartphone from Google or Apple. But the benefits and advantages of the cloud are much greater than just storing photos or being able to record notes on multiple devices. Hybrid cloud services are the next big leap forward […]

Here’s What You Need to Know About Regular Server Maintenance

Server maintenance is an essential task for any business. Servers keep websites active and customers happy, among many other tasks. Yet it might surprise you to learn that many people still neglect this critical task. If you don’t take care of your servers, you can expect tech problems to start happening which could stop your […]

Ask an IT Consultant: The Most Commonly Asked IT Questions

Almost every household in America has a computer at this point. Businesses utilize technology all the time and would likely have a hard time getting by without it!  Even though technology is so ingrained into our lives, IT issues come up all the time. Do you have certain things that you’ve always wanted to ask an IT […]

The Surprising Benefits of Having a Network Disaster Recovery Plan

Businesses connected through their own networks enjoy many advantages, including better communication and easier file-sharing. If your business has multiple computers, connecting through the cloud or a physical network makes business much more efficient, but if your company has multiple locations, having your own network is vital. Using a company network alone can increase the likelihood of some files being […]

Cloud Migration: Ask Yourself These Prudent Questions Before You Begin

83% of workloads will be in the cloud this year. Have you made the switch to the cloud? If not, there’s a lot to consider before switching. Switching to the cloud offers many benefits. If you’ve been using your in-house methods for years, you may wonder if the cloud will benefit your business. While an IT […]

Why Your Business Needs a Cyber Security Audit Today

Is your business’s cyber security up to snuff? If you aren’t sure, the answer is probably no. Cyber security is a term that includes the technology, processes, and practices that protect your data. This can consist of securing computers, programs, and networks.  So what are you doing to keep your data safe? Even if your […]