Have You Tried Windows Dark Mode?

Depending on your eyesight, some people prefer a different type of contrast when looking at their computer screen, especially in low-light conditions like cloudy days, early mornings, or late evenings. Many people say Dark Mode reduces eye strain regardless of light conditions in the room. Here’s how to try Dark Mode on your computer (and […]

Tech Tip: How to Securely Delete Files

Everyone knows how to delete a file. But do you really know how to delete a file?   What Happens When You Click Delete Although deleting a file and emptying the Recycle Bin may not display the file in Windows Explorer any longer, the data still exists on the hard drive. Computers use a system similar to the […]

Updated Tech Tip: The Latest Teams Features

Microsoft hasn’t slowed down the additions of new features in Teams. They’re way past trying to catch-up with Zoom. Continue reading to learn about animated avatars, automated meeting minutes, and more. Avatars in Microsoft Teams Maintain presence in meetings off-camera with avatars in Teams. Avatars are customizable, so you can create one that best represents […]

Monthly Tech Tip: ChatGPT and Privacy

Where does all the info in ChatGPT go? With all the talk about ChatGPT, the publicly available chatbot armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) eager to answer your questions, privacy concerns are only now coming to light with many of its users. Personally identifiable information such as your IP address are recorded, as are the contents […]

Updated Tech Tip: What’s a Strong Password in 2023?

Computing power is faster than ever and AI is widely available, even for criminals. This makes previously complex passwords easier to break. Here’s how to keep your passwords secure in 2023. Use a password manager It’s impossible for most people to remember a unique password for every website, app, and service they use. Adding password […]

Monthly Tech Tip: Keeping Safe in the 2023 Summer Travel Season

In response to criminals enjoying a wildly successful few years, enterprise-sized companies have worked hard to tighten their defenses. One unintended consequence of all this additional security is that small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individual people now find themselves in the crosshairs of criminals more than ever. If you’re a criminal, why spend lots of […]

Tech Tip: Outlook Tips and Tricks

Many of us have been using Outlook for years. In fact, sometimes it feels like we’ve spent years of our life working in Outlook. Email won’t go away anytime soon, so we can gain time in our day using Outlook more efficiently. Microsoft continues to add new features to Outlook, often with little fanfare. Here […]

How Regular Desktop Maintenance Can Help Ensure Programs Run Smoothly

The internet of things is estimated to grow to encompass more than 27 billion devices by 2025. It’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve – for cost-efficiency, employee happiness, and for data security. Regular desktop maintenance might sound like another boring buzzword, but it isn’t. It’s a small cog in a larger picture, […]

Tech Tip: What Really Makes a Password Weak

Everyone knows passwords need to be strong, and most people think they know what “strong” means. They’re probably right, but there are two things people don’t typically understand about passwords: Passwords are often quickly guessed thanks to faster computers and AI. Have a capital letter? We can probably guess it’s at the beginning of your […]

Tech Tip: Improve your Wireless Speed at Home and Work

Why is my home wireless slow? Read on for some tips… Use the Best Frequency Older devices only work on 2.4 GHz WiFi networks, while newer devices can work on 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Modern WiFi routers can sustain both networks simultaneously. Having your new devices on the 5 GHz band and older devices […]