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We are the most reliable managed IT services provider in the entire Media PA area. Our primary focus is to turn the IT infrastructure of our clients into a driving force for business growth and productivity. We offer co-managed and fully managed IT services. 

Our customers enjoy our wide range of IT services designed to cover all aspects of managing and improving their IT infrastructure.

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We have over a decade’s worth of experience in implementing digital infrastructure projects and performing full IT management services. Our customers come to us because of our comprehensive IT services, our knowledge, and our experience. As your IT partner, we offer a holistic service that covers all areas of your IT infrastructure to help you meet your business objectives. With our team at Pegasus Technologies by your side, you can invest less in your own IT systems processes and dedicate those funds to areas that would maximize ROI.

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We chose to build a foundation in Media for several reasons, but the number one motive was our love for the community’s friendly residents, exemplified by their motto, “Everybody’s Hometown.” For many of our Pegasus employees, Media is their hometown, and we’re genuinely passionate about supporting the local businesses that lie within. From the historic landmarks that shaped this town to the vibrant entertainment and corporate districts that are here today, there’s nowhere that quite compares to the charm of Media’s unique atmosphere. You’ll find our office on the corner of Routes 1 and 452. Stop on by to find out why we’re the leading Media, PA managed IT services available.

We at Pegasus Technologies are committed to being an active member of the Kennett Square, PA community. That’s why we hold memberships with various organizations like Family Support Line of Delaware County that strive for similar goals and values as yours!

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While there are hundreds of companies in managed IT services, none of them can deliver the competitive advantage we offer to our clients in the Media PA area. Here are a few compelling reasons why the local community will work with our team at Pegasus Technologies for managed service needs.

We provide complete IT support to help you meet your business objectives. This means you don’t have to make huge investments in your own IT infrastructure and support. Our transparent and competitive pricing system helps you to save resources that can be allocated to other areas of your business. This expert guidance and level of comprehensive solutions enable you to make progress in your industry while you account for business continuity.

Without around-the-clock monitoring, your systems can become vulnerable to viruses, hackers, and other malicious elements. Our proactive network monitoring protocols will keep your network safe and protect your business from malware, data losses, cyber-attacks, and viruses. We also routinely and securely secure your data to secure your business from network issues and cyber security problems.

Our clients turn to our team at Pegasus Technologies for managed service and support services with all aspects of their technology from data to network and server systems.

We provide the Media PA community with effective network and server monitoring options in addition to a wide variety of other services.

At Pegasus Technologies, we understand that time is money. That is why we use automated routines to ensure your hardware and software perform optimally. We also have state-of-the-art detection tools that analyze patterns and detect issues before they can cause system downtimes.

If you have further questions about our technology solutions and real time tools, our team at Pegasus Technologies is here for you.

IT can be a contributory factor to your business growth if it is properly managed and applied. With our managed IT services, we can help you drive business growth by resolving technical issues and providing the technological support that you need to meet your business goals.

We exist to ensure your business keeps running efficiently and effectively. This is why we have a 24/7/365 help desk staffed with experienced technicians to ensure you have our full support and expertise whenever you need it.

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We help businesses without the in house talent or resources to meet their IT needs by offering onsite and remote managed It services. We have different methods to troubleshoot and resolve issues without having to visit your premises. This helps us to timely resolve issues.

We know that it is essential to manage situations as quickly as they arise and to provide support to ensure that your operations continue to run uninterrupted.

We also offer onsite IT services to deal with issues that require a technician on the ground. With us on your side, your business will remain completely functional without the need to hire expensive talent to staff your IT department.

As your IT partner, we provide information technology solutions that will help prevent the common issues that plague businesses today. We will ensure our computer systems fully support your day-to-day operations without compromise from hardware issues of cyberattacks. We also routinely perform checks to scan for possible issues that can affect performance and resolve them right away. 

You can rely on us to keep your systems and software regularly updated, secure, and running effectively. Our services cover end-user computer usage, server, and network management, strategic IT planning, and IT security training for your staff.

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Beyond subscribing for managed IT services, you must opt for a tested and trusted provider. We have a team of professional IT specialists available to handle all your IT solutions. Message us directly by completing the contact form on our website or give us a call at 302.232.6232.

Our team at Pegasus Technologies is pleased to support your organization and will be here to manage your IT systems.

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