Managed IT Services In Wayne, PA

Pegasus Technologies is a full-service managed IT-supported firm serving Wayne, PA, and nearby areas. We provide a wide range of enterprise-class IT and cloud solutions to small businesses. As a managed IT services provider, we work collaboratively with our clients to define and provide for their technology needs. This allows us to deliver appropriate and fully integrated IT and network solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals.

At Pegasus, we’re proud to have a local office in the historic community of Wayne. For centuries, Wayne has provided rich economic opportunities to companies and families alike, and we’re honored to support its continuous development.  From our office on Sugartown Road, we’re able to deliver local managed IT services for the many townships and counties that lie within Wayne’s borders.  Since we opened our doors, Pegasus Technologies has been one of the leading Wayne, PA managed IT services companies available.”

We at Pegasus Technologies are committed to being an active member of the Wayne, PA community. That’s why we hold memberships with various organizations that strive for similar goals and values as yours! Here are some of those organizations:

Managed IT Services for Medium-Sized Businesses

Juggling in-house IT with core business operations may feel more arduous for a business with limited resources and overstretched budget. Employees may feel stretched when they have to split time between providing customer services, fixing computer and network issues, recovering data, and troubleshooting faulty company systems. Pass the burden of managing your technology services to our IT experts and let your in-house employees do what you hired them to do best. We provide the following services to medium-sized businesses in Wayne, PA.

IT and Cybersecurity Solutions

Take advantage of our managed security solutions to keep your company devices – desktops, laptops, smartphones, and servers – safe across all networks with advanced endpoints solutions. We offer advanced threat protection to stop malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks on your network and systems and help your business stay compliant with industry-wide security standards. Uncover areas where your IT infrastructure or network defenses are lacking and the risks they pose, then bolster your security protocols with timely interventions to ensure business continuity.

Help Desk Support

Your IT help desk is your business’s “cog in a wheel.” When it’s efficient and responsive, customers and employees are happy, and operations flow smoothly. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the helpdesk can’t respond to internal issues promptly because they either use outdated tools or don’t follow SOPs (standard operating procedures). Our fast helpdesk support (remote and on-site) ensures your IT is running smoothly 24/7, taking care of all support-related questions and requests during normal work hours, lifting the burden off the shoulders of your IT personnel.

Office 365

As a cloud-based service, Office 365 suite creates more storage space for businesses by reducing the server hardware requirements needed to support on-site e-mail systems. Migrating business information and files from office-based desktops to the cloud-based office also enhances collaboration and productivity among staff members. 

Hosted VoIP

Unlike conventional land-based lines, hosted business phone systems enhance business communication and staff mobility. With our hosted VoIP, businesses can eliminate the high costs of acquiring and maintaining the traditional PBX phone equipment. Clients gain access to feature-rich telephony, portability, and a scalable system that grows with their business. Reliable connections and superior voice quality can expect from a hosted VoIP solution from Pegasus Technologies for Wayne, PA.

IT Vendor Management

Most small businesses find it difficult to promptly receive multivendor hardware and software support. Our IT experts take a full inventory of business software, hardware, and configurations and document them for quick access. As the primary contact between businesses and vendors, we handle and coordinate network issues and hardware problems with vendors to be resolved quickly.  

Managed Firewall

The security and resilience of business IT systems are vital to the growth and continuity of small businesses. With our buoyant Firewall, businesses can protect their IT systems and sensitive business data from malicious attacks and email-borne viruses. IT experts monitor network activity in real-time to limit exposure to external attacks without hindering web access.

Cloud Desktop

Our flexible and secure hosted cloud desktop service will enhance productivity and improve workforce collaboration while eliminating the headaches and costs associated with managing your PCs and business servers in-house. Businesses will enjoy the convenience and rapid scalability while decreasing CAPEX with our hosted cloud desktop services.

IT Managed Services

Experience a smarter and more efficient way of managing your business IT systems. With our pay-as-you-go model, businesses enjoy all vital IT services at predictable monthly fees. We streamline and integrate key IT services so that business applications and systems can run smoothly. Ultimately, small businesses get to focus more on maximizing revenue generation and worry less about their IT services. 

IT Consulting Service

With a proven record of accomplishment in technology strategy formulation, as well as IT service management and support, we can plan, execute, and manage your projects successfully while simultaneously giving your team invaluable guidance and support to accomplish the organization’s objectives. We provide professional guidance and advise clients on the best IT solutions based on their needs and challenges.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

With Pegasus backup services, businesses in Wayne, PA, can get their IT data restored quickly, usually within minutes or hours, so that our clients can resume normal business operations. Our data backup and disaster recovery services combine the suitability and speed of on-site backup with the extra security of off-site cloud backup. That allows us to secure vital business data, reduce risk, and restore normalcy quickly.

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For many years, Pegasus Technologies has provided small and medium-sized businesses like yours with affordable IT and network solutions. We have qualified and experienced IT experts who handle your IT issues and network problems swiftly and professionally. Whether you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure or bolster your IT security, we have your back. We provide in-depth consulting services and have a good grasp of the IT challenges that an organization like yours faces in Wayne, PA, and can walk you through our IT solutions to make an informed choice. We work with businesses in retail, education, finance, and healthcare. Call 610.444.8256 to discuss your next IT project with our consultants.