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Leave Your IT Security Operations To The Experts

Web Security from Pegasus is an advanced threat intelligence and security operations system with compliance services built-in. Small businesses need robust cyber protection because they are at a 35% greater risk of a data breach than large companies. 

Protecting your data is essential to staying in business and gaining the trust of your customers. More than 60% of small businesses will close due to a data breach. In a data-driven world, your business should be prepared to respond to threats, proactively protect sensitive data, and achieve compliance through any relevant organizations.

When You Work With Pegasus And Our Web Security, You Get;

  • 24×7 network monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Malicious activity remediation
  • Reporting for compliance purposes
  • Advanced correlation
  • Integrated incident management workflow

Businesses With Up To 1,000 Employees Are At An 80.2% Risk Of Data Breach.

Who’s protecting you? Call us today to see how Pegasus can protect you!

Managed Security Services Built For The Real World

You may not think your business needs protection but any information from employee and customer data, bank account and credit card information, intellectual property, and trade secrets are just some assets that all businesses need to protect.

  • Early detection enables you to stop a problem before it is uncontainable.
  • Real-time situation awareness anticipates cyber threats to stop hackers in their tracks.
  • An actual human does monitoring to ensure your business is protected anytime, day or night.

Compliance Within Every Industry


The Federal Information Security Management Act is developed to protect government information, and with Pegasus, we will help create logs of any incidents within your system for audit compliance.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires six years of log capture and management along with regulatory reporting and encryption. Our web security will ensure all of your patients’ data is safe and all reports get sent through the proper channels.

3. ISO 27001

To help keep your organization maintaining adequate security, our Web Security will log any malicious behavior and flag any problems you may have. With the ability to send regulatory reporting, you can stay compliant with less effort.


Any business that utilizes credit card payments needs to stay in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Network monitoring and vulnerability assessment with Pegasus will help you see in real-time if any intrusions have made it through your protection and then will directly report them so they can be stopped immediately.

Let’s Talk About Your Managed Web Security Needs

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  • We will ask you about your business objectives and IT challenges
  • You’ll receive our recommendations for managed security services

What Our Customers Are Saying

I am always grateful for the friendly, professional, timely, and awesome help I get from the Pegasus staff!
Dale Morgan
Dale Morgan
17:24 20 Jan 23
Pegasus is always helpful! We have worked with numerous technicians and they are all very knowledgeable and friendly. Always a pleasure!
17:47 18 Jan 23
The Greater West Chester Chamber is so pleased with the services provided by Pegasus Technologies. They took over as our IT/Network provider earlier this year and have drastically improved how we do business. Highly recommend Pegasus and their team!
Greater West Chester
Greater West Chester
18:10 12 Oct 22
Pegasus has been extremely helpful with all of our technological needs. We had a disruption with our IT staffing, and Pegasus made sure we didn’t miss a beat. Thank you!
Andy Sinclair
Andy Sinclair
13:20 07 Jul 21
As always Pegasus performs to the satisfaction we have come to expect with your firm, thank you for your knowledge and help whenever we call upon you.
Kate Rabatin
Kate Rabatin
18:44 17 May 21
Pegasus Technologies supports my employer, Operation Warm. Recently, I received a new computer. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the machine's firmware. I notified Pegasus and they responded within the hour. They sent a technician to our office and by midday...Sean had a new machine up and running!
Heather Connolly
Heather Connolly
15:14 12 Apr 21
Very prompt response and speedy fix to computer issue.....even on a national holiday!
Don Lincoln
Don Lincoln
17:48 18 Jan 21
Problem reported; problem understood by staff; problem confirmed by technician; problem resolved within minutes. Response and service could not have been better.
20:26 12 Nov 20
I had a complex issue with accessing a client's software system. Matt Holmes @ Pegasus worked efficiently over a 2 day period to ensure that I would be able to access the system as soon as possible. Matt was courteous and encouraging during our interactions. He went above and beyond in his efforts to restore service and ensure smooth work flow for me. I would recommend Pegasus Technologies if you need professional, efficient, high-quality service.
Karen Strohecker
Karen Strohecker
18:41 13 May 16
I was extremely pleased with the Pegasus tech, Thomas, who arrived on time with my new Dell tower. He worked nonstop for 8 hours to complete my set up and re install many software programs. He was competent, polite, and best of all, listened to my requests. When we hit some roadblocks, he was amenable to contacting my salesperson from Pegasus. I especially appreciated his suggestions about saving my old tower information for 2 weeks, to be sure we had transferred all my data. In these days where professionalism is a dying art, Pegasus staff are bucking the trend. Keep up the great work!
Ruth Morelli
Ruth Morelli
15:00 07 Mar 16
Pegasus Technologies employs well qualified and well trained people who provide five-star service. They are friendly, helpful, responsive and importantly, intelligent when it comes to complex IT problems. Although our organization is small and our needs probably not as challenging as some of their other clients, our IT requirements are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Because of their capabilities and experience level, we have found that we do not experience many issues with our IT, as other companies do. This is because when Pegasus does a job, they do it right the first time. I would highly recommend Pegasus Technologies for all of your IT needs, and you can quote me on that.
Cheryl Kuhn
Cheryl Kuhn
12:58 22 Jan 15