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Pegasus Technologies is the no.1 managed services provider and security service provider for businesses across West Chester, PA. We combine first-class IT resources and knowledge with our client-centered approach to maintain and manage your information technology with scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions. All your technology needs are covered, from collected IT services to business continuity with backup and disaster recovery. We are here to provide effective IT solutions that fit your business needs. Call us today at 610.444.8256 or 302.232.6232 to schedule a consultation.

We at Pegasus Technologies are committed to being an active member of the West Chester, PA community. That’s why we hold memberships with various organizations that strive for similar goals and values as yours! Here are some of those organizations:

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There are hundreds of companies in West Chester that provide managed IT services; what sets this company apart from the rest?

Cut Costs

As your IT support provider, we can cut your company’s IT support costs while improving your computer systems’ reliability, performance, and speed. Our all-inclusive monthly fee guarantees you hardware and software support from the best.

Proactive Network Monitoring

With our proactive network monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that we will watch your computer network 24/7/365 and protect your business from data loss, malware, and viruses. We know that cybercriminals do not slumber or sleep. Still, thanks to our proactive management system, we can back up your data safely and securely, notify you when devices in your network experience issues, and prevent cybersecurity problems from affecting your business. 

Minimize Downtime

We can prevent common IT problems from occurring. Our IT support company can minimize downtime and reduce technology issues caused by malfunctioning software or hardware with our fully managed service.

When IT support is strategic and proactive, it takes your West Chester business to new heights. Whether in Wayne, Northern Kentucky, Media, or West Chester, Pegasus Technologies comes through for your business. Our support company brings the expertise to help drive up your business growth. We prevent technology issues from pulling you back and provide the support you need to achieve your business goals. Contact us today.

Exceptional Managed IT Services

If your West Chester business is experiencing ongoing computer network and support problems, you can count on Pegasus Technologies to eliminate your computer problems. 

Meet Your IT Needs

We understand that many businesses do not have the time, workforce, or expertise to manage their IT needs — that is why we are here. Whether you need managed IT services or the support of an IT specialist, our West Chester managed IT services are tailored to your business. With us on your team, you can improve reliability, ensure a safe and efficient IT environment, and protect your network and endpoints from the greatest security risk to any business: people. 

Alleviate Tech Headaches

As your dedicated managed services provider, we provide IT solutions that alleviate technology-related headaches. If you depend on your computer systems for day-to-day operations, we can safeguard your data and secure your devices from hackers. We can also revise your IT infrastructure, and if we find any faults, we will point you to the most effective solutions. 

Provide Reliable IT Support

If you need managed IT support for your in-house team, look no further than Pegasus Technologies. With managed IT services, your business will benefit from software updates for all your networks, personal computers, and servers, strategic IT planning, and ongoing security training.

When you need managed IT services, look no further. Since our establishment, we have been serving clients across West Chester by providing exceptional managed IT services and ensuring that they access industry-leading software and hardware, reliable support, and meeting their IT needs. Call us today to book an appointment.

Eliminate IT Issues with Our Technology Services

Maintaining and managing your information technology yourself can be daunting — that is why you need a trusted partner like Pegasus Technologies on your side.

We Take Care of Your IT

Our support company combines customer-centered service with the best technical resources, meaning we provide corporate-level solutions at prices that small and medium-sized businesses can afford. 

We Support Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Not only do we support your company’s existing IT infrastructure, but we also partner with you to help you drive future growth. If we find any issues with your infrastructure, we will handle them and ensure a productive and efficient system. This way, you can focus on your small business or established enterprise without having to worry about system failure.

We Eliminate the Risk of Unexpected IT Repairs

As your IT partners, we eliminate the risk of sudden IT repairs and unforeseen recovery costs. Our team works round the clock to monitor and maintain your network and can detect and prevent disasters from happening.

IT issues can prevent your organization from achieving the desired level of success. Our company can take care of your IT to focus on other aspects of your organization. We can catch minor issues before they morph into serious threats that can harm your bottom line, protecting your data and critical systems. Give us a call. We have your best interest at heart.

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For more than 15 years, Pegasus Technologies has provided managed IT solutions to customers across West Chester, PA. We are the go-to company where all matters IT are concerned and have constantly proven ourselves an industry leader.

Our managed IT services include round-the-clock support, proactive network monitoring, cloud computing support, IT strategy and consulting, and experts on-site. With us, you can access cybersecurity measures to safeguard your data and keep it secure. Not only that, but we can also slash your continuing IT problems with network optimization and regular maintenance, quickly resolve IT issues with our 24/7/365 support, and enhance your company’s technology with cloud computing services, including data storage, backup, and recovery. Feel free to call us today at 610.444.8256 or 302.232.6232, email us at, or visit our physical location at 415 McFarlan Road Suite 201 Kennett Square, PA 19348. You can also message us directly by completing the contact form on our website. When you need a managed IT services firm, we are here to create an integrated technology plan that meets your business needs.