Pegasus CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Jason Daugherty

In this part of our Meet the Team series, where we get to know the staff of Pegasus Technologies better, CEO Matthew Tucker Interviews Senior Systems Administrator Jason Daugherty. Below is the transcription from this interview. Matthew Tucker: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Meet the Employee with the CEO of Pegasus Technologies. […]

Where is the best place to keep your passwords?

We had a client ask us an amazing question in our Cybersecurity Webinar. “I am afraid to change my password because I am afraid as soon as I change it, that is when I am going to have a problem. Where is the best place to keep your passwords safely?” Below is a transcript of […]

Hybrid Work Environments in 2021 and Beyond

As more of the population acquires immunity, employers who direct employees to return to the office for the old normal of Monday through Friday 9-to-5 may be in for a surprise. A recent PwC study revealed some fascinating data, about both what employees and executives thought a return to work should look like. From the study: Over […]