Where is the best place to keep your passwords?

We had a client ask us an amazing question in our Cybersecurity Webinar. “I am afraid to change my password because I am afraid as soon as I change it, that is when I am going to have a problem. Where is the best place to keep your passwords safely?”

Below is a transcript of the webinar conversation.

Diane: Where is the best place to keep your passwords? I am just a little part of another little Episcopal Diocese. It is a little organization, but I do worry about my passwords. I will tell you, and you can all yell at me. I have one password for one account that has been the same password for sixteen years. It is not a password like what you are describing. I am afraid to change it because I am afraid as soon as I change it, that is when I am going to have a problem. Where is the best place to keep your passwords safely?

Erik: That is a great question, Matt. I will let you take it. The short answer is there are several different ways to do it. The real answer is what I tell you today might not be the best answer for tomorrow because these criminals are actively trying to get by on these systems. There are some systems that are inherently more secure, and they are going to work just fine tomorrow. There are other systems that are okay today, but we can pretty well guess that they are not going to be tomorrow. That said Matt if you want to talk about some specifics there.

Matt: Yeah. Not to turn this into a sales webinar, but we are about a week away from launching a product line that actually gives you a password vault. The whole goal of the password vault is to allow you to put all your passwords into an area that you can access through your iPhone, through your Apple Watch, or through your computer where have it and take away the need to memorize anything. That is what we want to do. We want you to not have to memorize your passwords because they are always available to you so you can make them thirty characters long and so on. In fact, this product we are going to launch allows it to suck in all your current passwords. It can actually run an audit against you and your business and say these passwords need to change because they are already hacked, they are already on the black market out there, and they are known. A lot of passwords that we use we do not realize may be creative in our mind, but they are already in the database on the black market. They are just able to just plug them in, and there you go. This technology we are going to launch is going to be super cheap because it is something we think everybody should have. Stay tuned on that, and it will go around. The account managers will bring that to the next meetings as it comes up, but that is the ultimate answer for how do you store passwords. It is an impossibility to memorize them all.

Erik: There is a question in the chat about LastPass specifically. I think LastPass is a good solution for individuals with your home personal passwords, but you just have to really stay up on the security updates and the protocols for it because they are subject to vulnerabilities as well. It is not as simple as just installing an app and forgetting about it, you really have to stay on top of it if you subscribe to some service like that. That is one of the reasons why Pegasus exists. If you get a service like that from us, we are doing that piece for you. if you go underground through LastPass, again, it is a good way to go but just means you have to manage it. You have to stay on top of it or else it is not going to be as secure as you might think.

Matt: Any password managers better than none. That is the truth. Whether it is Pegasus, whether it is the free ones on the internet, anything is better than what you are doing, Diane. I am actually in your computer changing it right now for you.

FACT: Passwords are easily hacked because most humans follow similar patterns.

Cybercriminals love when people use the same password across multiple sites and services because it’s fewer passwords they need to crack. Aside from using good multifactor authentication, one of the easiest things you can do to keep your systems secure is to use a unique, complex password everywhere. That’s why Pegasus developed a new tool critical for every business’s cybersecurity arsenal called Vault.

Password Vault comes with these features:

  • Securely keep all your team’s passwords
  • Cloud-based (no server or backup required)
  • Comes with a mobile app (no computer required to get a password)
  • Enforced password strength and uniqueness
  • Audited employee password use
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)-protected
  • Active Directory integration available

We also offer Pegasus Enterprise Password Vault to synchronize your account with Active Directory, which helps streamline account creation and access.

Contact Pegasus and learn how you can improve your team’s security with truly unique, complex passwords today.