5 Common IT Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It is anticipated that the IT field will grow 4% this year to $5 trillion. This growth is fueled by large and small businesses requiring IT Management to function. If you own a Pennsylvania small business, you’ve probably considered hiring an IT management team. If you haven’t hired the right team, or any team at all, you […]

How Pegasus Technologies Match-IT is Changing the IT Support Game

Studies have shown that the biggest cause of IT security breaches is human error. Hackers set all kinds of traps that can be sprung through email or poor password protection. The best choice your business can make is utilizing IT services that can educate and fortify your security.  Pegasus Technologies has a new Match-IT system […]

Pegasus Technologies Central Dispatch with Match-IT

Managed IT Services Teams With Personalities Picked to Match Yours

A short animation that describes what Pegasus clients experience when they want help from our expert IT technicians. IT Professionals With Personalities Hand Picked to Compliment Yours We believe the human connection in IT is just as important to the system’s connection to the network. That’s why we created Match-IT. Match-IT personalizes your IT experience […]

Why Promoting from Within is Better for Your Business Over Hiring.

A growing business is an exciting and rewarding time for everyone. As your company grows your staff typically needs to grow to keep pace with the workload demands. This leaves business owners and managers with the ever challenging decision of promoting within or hiring. At Pegasus, we believe that promoting from within brings many benefits […]

Does Organizational Fit Matter When Outsourcing IT Services?

As the United States has become one of the largest players in the market of outsourced IT, the guilt of having to move jobs out of the country has passed. Now you can think about all those other problems like organizational fit or maintaining your business through bank holidays. Culture fit matters, even more, when you don’t […]

Match-IT; A Smarter Way to do IT

Hiring outside IT professionals can be a tricky challenge for any business. How can you be sure that they will be a good fit not only for your IT needs, but also personally with the rest of your staff? IT can be frustrating. You need your technology to work and when it goes down you […]

Pegasus Technologies Recognized as Top Managed Service Provider for SMBs

Pegasus Technologies Recognized as Top Managed Service Provider for SMBs

For the second year in a row, Pegasus Technologies has made the Computer Reseller News (CRN) MSP 500: Pioneer 250 list. The Pioneer 250 list recognizes Managed Service Providers that deliver innovative managed services a step ahead of the rest. Matthew Tucker, CEO of Pegasus Technologies, says he is honored to have made the list […]

3 Reasons Why Personality Matters With Your Managed Services Team

3 Reasons Why Personality Matters With Your Managed Services Team

The personalities of the people we work with are important. When we like the people we work with, our jobs just seem easier. Most people don’t realize it, but liking the people you work with is especially important when it comes to your IT Technology provider. When personalities work well together, technology runs more smoothly […]