Does Organizational Fit Matter When Outsourcing IT Services?

As the United States has become one of the largest players in the market of outsourced IT, the guilt of having to move jobs out of the country has passed. Now you can think about all those other problems like organizational fit or maintaining your business through bank holidays. Culture fit matters, even more, when you don’t see your outsourced team on a daily basis.

Here are three ways that it should matter to you as you search for a team to work with.

1. Understand Expectations

When you’re outsourcing your IT services, you might not think that having a strong culture fit is important. It’s not like you’re going to be running into these people by the water cooler anyway, right?

While it’s a fair point that you shouldn’t have to worry too much about whether or not there’s a strong culture fit, it can help you manage your expectations.

If the company you’re working with has a rigid schedule, you need to learn to live with that. Otherwise, you need to find one that works with you better. If you’re hiring an outsourced team for cultural fit, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Some teams say they’ll have something ready by Monday morning and end up getting it to you by Tuesday afternoon. Some will take the lead if they think they know what you want and work independently. If this isn’t what you want, speak up.

2. Friendliness is Key

Ultimately, you’re going to be doing a lot of talking on the phone, emailing, and texting. These are three forms of communication that are riddled with problems from people not seeing each other face to face.

If the team you’re outsourcing with isn’t very friendly, you’ll struggle with this barrier. Nonverbal communication is important in your personal life and in business. If you don’t feel that your outsourced team understands you well, you might need to seek a different service provider.

3. There’s a Lot of Trust Involved

Handing over your business interests to people you can’t even see on a regular basis is scary. Depending on the industry you’re in, your IT services could be a major factor in how well you succeed. If you need to manage a lot of customer data or your own information, you could be unnerved by the power your off-site team has.

There’s a lot of trust that’s involved with hiring outsourced IT professionals. If you don’t feel like you can trust the people you work with, you need to seek other professionals. If you’re constantly micromanaging them, you need to seek out a team that you can put your trust into instead.

Organizational Fit Translates Into Dollars

When you hire for organizational fit, no matter the position, you ensure that the person you’re hiring is on board for your goals. You can get people who have similar goals and interest and ensure you’re meeting customer needs without ever second-guessing.

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