How Pegasus Technologies Match-IT is Changing the IT Support Game

Studies have shown that the biggest cause of IT security breaches is human error. Hackers set all kinds of traps that can be sprung through email or poor password protection.

The best choice your business can make is utilizing IT services that can educate and fortify your security. 

Pegasus Technologies has a new Match-IT system that might be the solution to your troubles.

What is Pegasus Technology Solutions?

Cybersecurity matters now more than ever before. An increasing number of programs utilize cloud technology, so if your computer gets hacked, your whole company could be at risk.

In 2020, around 16 billion records were exposed, with half of those exposed in the first half of the year.

Pegasus Technologies Inc. offers managed IT services for companies to avoid major breaches and other minor issues. Our team includes senior technical account managers, tech consultants, and help-desk support staff.

Pegasus Technologies – Match-IT

Every company has different needs, and the best IT service will be personalized to suit them. Match-IT was created so that you’re paired with the best kind of support for your business

How It Works

First, a representative from your company will take a research-based personality and skills assessment. This helps us to figure out your company’s needs and your own personal style for running it.

The test results are then compared with our technicians’ own personality test to determine the best match. Think of it as a dating website, only you’re looking for someone you get along with that also knows how to keep your information safe. 

An IT pod is built based on both test results. Your specific pod can be made up of anywhere from four to six people that you can reach out to for any tech-related questions. 

Once everything has been set up, you’ll be in direct communication with the same set of technicians on-site and on the phone. 

The Team

Match-IT with Pegasus Technologies offers a fully-staffed crew to join up with your own team. 

An account manager will work with you to establish what you want moving forward. The technical account manager learns your IT system to implement those plans.

Two to three technical consultants will also join up to help solve your day-to-day tech issues.

The Benefits

Over 75% of organizations are in need of cybersecurity professionals, but the biggest challenge area in IT talent recruitment is how they deal with cybersecurity. 

On top of that, the most important factor in a job search for software developers is their potential work environment. 

Not only does Match-IT provide an expert-level IT support staff, but they’re guaranteed to be a perfect match for your goals. You won’t have to worry about not getting along with them or butting heads. 

Change Up Your IT Support Game

Instilling in your employees the best practices when using their tech can be a challenge if your IT support staff isn’t part of that team. Here at Pegasus Technologies, our Match-IT system will set you up with the best fit for your workplace.

Just contact us today and let us help your business technology run more smoothly.

Pegasus Technologies is the IT Team for organizations that don’t need a full-time IT department. Our technology experts build you a technology plan to keep your business running at its best. We have offices in Kennett Square, PA, Media, PA, and Wayne, PA to provide better computer support and IT services to you.