Meet the Team: Pegasus CEO Matthew D Tucker Interviews Nate Walker

Below is a transcription of Pegasus Technologies most recent installment of “Meet the Team,” where our very own Matthew Tucker interviews Technical Account Manager Nate Walker.

Matthew D. Tucker: So, all right. Well welcome to our second edition of Meet the Pegasus Employees. We have Nate Walker here with us who appears to be somewhere in Montana based on his background there. I also see he’s sporting a haircut so–

Nate Walker: Yes.

Matthew: The lockdown has produced some level of shaver for his head unlike me, which I’m now fully wearing a hat at all times. It’s quite long. So Nate Walker started with us in 2012, has been a longtime employee and becoming a great friend of everyone at Pegasus. So just dive right into the interview. So Nate why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Pegasus? 

Nate: I’m Nate Walker with Pegasus Technologies and I am our Senior Technical Account Manager. I’ve been with Pegasus like Matt said since July of 2012. I started off as a Technician and through my experiences at Pegasus where I was able to work my way up and get promoted to become an Account Manager. I took over managing the majority of our accounts a couple of years ago and from there have been working on curtailing our processes, our documentation, our team so that way our customers are getting a more coherent and better experience with Pegasus Technologies. I’ve also started working very closely with our technical team and the management there to make sure that the technicians are also working on their customer service skills as well to provide not only excellent technical responses, but excellent customer service response.

Matthew: All right, great. Good explanation. So why don’t you tell me something that makes this a fun place to work?

Nate: …Some of the things at Pegasus that makes it a really fun place to work is the culture that we’ve been developing where we’ve been trying to be more employee-centric. We’re trying to make sure we’re finding things and doing events that are not only to reward employees for the challenges that we may have but also to make sure that the things that employees want to do by giving control to employees to choose what we’re going to go to, when we’re going to do and that type of stuff. That’s a part of the culture that we have that is really nice and it’s a lot of fun to have. 

Matthew: All right, good. All right. Well, we’re going to go some rapid-fire here because we don’t want to make this go too long here. We’ll start losing our audience. So hopefully they’ll hang in here. We’ve got some fun questions. Do you have any pets? 

Nate: I do, I have two dogs.

Matthew: What are their names? Two dogs?

Nate: Yes, Sophie and Miles. Sophie is a boxer and Miles looks like a really fat fox.

Matthew: Cool. I hear you like racing, watching it and doing it yourself. What kind of racing do you prefer? 

Nate: My preferred racing is Formula One, but I also follow the ARA rally series inside of the United States.

Matthew: Great. All right, good. Do you do much travel?

Nate: I like to travel. Presently, not so much, but yes, I do like to travel. I have children as well. With our kids getting older we’re trying to get them more exposure to parts of the United States. 

Matthew: All right. Do you have a favorite place you’ve been?

Nate: Vermont.

Matthew: All right, good. If you go back in time to a period prior to this one, what time period would that be and what would you see your job or your role being?

Nate: That’s a great question. I don’t know. I’ve actually never really thought about that. Probably would be in the post World War II era where you still have all that really crazy technology boom coming off from World War II. You have the economy boom from right there. And I probably would honestly be some type of– more like a handyman or architect or some type of– something in that thing. Just around my house, I love doing work and home repair and that type of stuff. So probably somewhere around there. 

Matthew: Good. What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Nate: Brontosaurus. 

Matthew: Okay good.

Nate: Because it’s tall when I’m not.

Matthew: [laughing] I was going to ask why. 

Nate: Yes.

Matthew: You gave it to me there. If you are at a restaurant what types of food would you serve?

Nate: It would be some type of like Irish Pub or English pub or something like that with just really traditional homie food, that type of stuff. 

Matthew: Got it. Would you rather have tentacles for arms or legs?

Nate: Arms. You can never have too many hands. 

Matthew: Do you believe in ghosts?

Nate: No. 

Matthew: You don’t believe in ghosts?

Nate: I do not.

Matthew: So you’ve never seen one?

Nate: I do not believe in ghosts. I’ve never seen one and I think there’s very minimal scientific evidence that they exist. 

Matthew: All right. Last one here, what’s the funniest sound you’ve ever made and let’s hear it.

Nate: …Yes, probably would just be– I don’t know, like zzaart! or something like that. I always had a longtime dream to make a business called Zortcom.

Matthew: You’re running out of time. You got to make that sound.

Nate: And that would be it. Zort! 

Matthew: All right, Nate. [Laughter] Thanks for your time. Have a great day, and appreciate it. 

Nate: Take care. 

Matthew: Yup. Bye.