Perfect Match! 5 Tips to Finding Your Best Cyber Security Consultant

This is a public service announcement. Cybercrime has cost the world $600 billion in 2018.

Don’t let your company be one of the Equifax-es of the world.

Don’t know where to start protecting your small business? No worries, check out these five tips for finding the best cybersecurity consultant for your firm.

1. The Cyber Security Consultant Chronicles: Figure out What and Who You Need

It might seem overwhelming at first but start with the most important step.

What’s your security status?

It’s essential to start by defining what type of position you need to fill, and in what capacity.

Now the definition of essential for small businesses is different than big businesses’ with budgets set aside purely for cybersecurity, but that doesn’t mean cybersecurity as a whole is too expensive for even the tiniest shoe-string-based budget.

For figuring out what the responsibilities of a cybersecurity consultant are, Cyber Degrees states that they:

  • Determine effective ways to fix and strengthen vulnerable areas in your network
  • Asses security risks by conducting regular tests and risk analyses
  • Educate your staff about cybersecurity hygiene
  • Be on standby and ready to tackle any hacking or brute force attacks on your network or systems

2. Where to Start the Search

After having a solid idea on what you’re looking for, let the search begin!

We know that it is easier said than done because the talent pool for qualified individuals and firms is scarce and the demand is high.

So you can start by looking at university career fairs, Bootcamp graduates and public events and hackathons.

Or you can go the professional route and hire an IT matching service that’ll save you both money and time.

3. Experience Is Key

Since you’re coming from a non-IT background, employing someone with solid experience is your key to success.

Your potential consultant can come from a different industry than the one your business occupies, as a matter of fact, it is considered an advantage to have someone who’ll bring different approaches to your security team and your firm as a whole.

However, you can’t neglect the importance of hands-on experience and problem-solving. Theoretical knowledge is great, yet when your small business is in the midst of a brute-force attack; having someone who’s quick on their feet can make or break your network.

4. Don’t Hire a Tie-Wearing Suit-Fanatic for Your Hawaii Business

In other words, don’t underestimate the importance of your business culture.

Having a candidate that has an instinctual understanding of your company’s culture as well as its mission and core values will ensure the smooth integration of your new security program and aid in its overall success.

5. Business Savvy Is the Way to Go

Your candidate for the security manager position must have a strong base of business knowledge or experience.

Knowing how a business operates and being able to identify what’s important to its overall performance will help with selecting the right security strategies and protections.

Ready to Build Your Cyber Security Fortress?

Now that you know these top five tips for finding the right cyber security consultant for your business, you’re ready to grow your business without worrying that a pesky cybersecurity threat might come along and ruin all of your hard work.

But preparedness is the name of the cybersecurity game, so make sure you learn more about cybersecurity basics like two-factor authentication and much more!