5 Common IT Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It is anticipated that the IT field will grow 4% this year to $5 trillion. This growth is fueled by large and small businesses requiring IT Management to function.

If you own a Pennsylvania small business, you’ve probably considered hiring an IT management team. If you haven’t hired the right team, or any team at all, you could be facing costly IT management mistakes.

Knowing how to avoid these mistakes can save you both time and money. These tips can help whether you’re looking for tech support in Wayne, PA, or IT outsourcing services in Media, PA!

1. Not Following the Basics

The best way to avoid IT management mistakes is to follow the basics such as having data backups.

The first step in IT management is often outlining basic goals and ways to achieve them. This can include the use of software or hardware for managing data appropriate for your business needs.

It’s also a good idea to initially consult with a company such as Pegasus Technologies, which offers managed IT services in Kennett Square, PA. They can help with the basic setup of your IT management team and also provide further services!

2. Having Poor Security

Nothing is more disruptive than security breaches, which is why you need password guidelines and firewalls.

You should also use secure networks, install antivirus programs, and limit employee access. Without investing in good security practices, you leave your business exposed to common cyber threats.

3. Not Upgrading to the Latest IT Technology

With new programs released daily, not updating your technology can have short-term and long-term costs. However, when upgrading technology, be sure to take your time to ensure it is accessible and appropriate for your business.

4. Hiring Improperly Trained Staff

To avoid this common mistake, be sure to thoroughly train and hire qualified staff with the necessary qualifications. Particularly for small businesses, it is also helpful to make sure your entire staff knows the IT basics.

Not hiring qualified IT management team members can cause damage and the replacement search can lead to delays.

5. Not Communicating With Your IT Team

Poor communication can lead to confusion such as your IT team scheduling maintenance during a meeting.

The best way to ensure communication is by hiring a team of qualified people you actually like. Using a service like Match-IT from Pegasus Technologies can help you find a compatible team based on personality. If you’re searching for a good team or additional IT services in Wayne, PA, Match-IT will use personality tests to find a match with skills for your needs.

Avoiding IT Management Mistakes

Not all IT management mistakes are avoidable, but with security and IT services from Pegasus Technologies, you’ll be in good hands! With 30-minute emergency response and 24/7 support, you’ll see the benefits of outsourcing IT services in Media, PA, Kennett Square, PA, or Wayne, PA.

Contact us or visit our multiple PA offices for managed IT solutions and to meet your IT service needs!

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