3 Reasons Why Personality Matters With Your Managed Services Team

3 Reasons Why Personality Matters With Your Managed Services Team

The personalities of the people we work with are important. When we like the people we work with, our jobs just seem easier.

Most people don’t realize it, but liking the people you work with is especially important when it comes to your IT Technology provider.

When personalities work well together, technology runs more smoothly

Have you ever made an involuntary sigh of disappointment when you see which IT tech your technology company sent to your office?

You’re disappointed because you know you just don’t “click” with that person.

You should “click” with every person on your technology team.  

Why? Because when you work well together, technology runs more smoothly.

You are less likely to get band-aid fixes and more likely to hone your business technology strategy.

What happens when your IT team’s personality complements yours

1. Communication is Better

Different personality types have different communication styles. Complementary personality types/communication styles are able to work together more successfully.

Maybe you like to talk about the specific, technical details. Or maybe you prefer to talk big-picture strategy and leave the technical jargon to the pros. Maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Either way, when your communication personalities click the door is open. Your IT team will know how to explain technical terms to you in a way that will enable you to make better business decisions. And you will be more open to discussing technology challenges because you know your tech understands you.

2. Smarter & more cost-efficient Technology solutions

Smarter technology solutions begin with a deeper understanding of business goals.

This stems from better communication with your technology team!

Talking openly about technology challenges can help your technology see the big picture.

Your tech team can then recommend solutions that are better suited for your long-term goals. They might even be able to save you money!

3. Longer lasting relationships

It can be painful to find a new IT provider. But when you work with people you like, you grow a relationship with trust and understanding that deepens.

Long lasting relationships in IT are beneficial because your IT team is part of the journey and growth of your company. They are along for the ride and can help you build a technology plan based on past knowledge and your future goals.

Bottom Line: Work With an IT Team You Like

Your IT team is who you call when you’re at your technology wit’s end. They are who you call when you’re planning important business moves. They are who saves you from throwing that laptop out the window in frustration.

Your IT team is an important part of your business.

When working with your managed services provider, ask them about the people on their team. You want to make sure you find a fit!

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