Pegasus Technologies Central Dispatch with Match-IT

Managed IT Services Teams With Personalities Picked to Match Yours

A short animation that describes what Pegasus clients experience when they want help from our expert IT technicians.

IT Professionals With Personalities Hand Picked to Compliment Yours

We believe the human connection in IT is just as important to the system’s connection to the network. That’s why we created Match-IT.

Match-IT personalizes your IT experience by bringing out the personality in our technicians and matching them to you. This delivers you the feeling of an intimate, small team with the benefits of a strong company behind you.

How Match-IT Works


You take a research-based personality and skills assessment to analyze your company and individual personality.


We compare your test results to our technicians’ personality test results to determine the best personality and skill set matches.


We build you an IT pod based on your test results. Your pod is a dedicated four to six person team that you can rely on for everything technology related.


You will see the same technicians on site and talk to the same technicians on the phone. They will get to know your business like part of your team.

We pair you with a dedicated team of  technicians matched to your personality and technical needs.

Match-IT means your techs are aware of your unique problems and how to solve them.
You never get a random IT tech showing up that doesn’t know your business.

Access to Onsite & Remote Support

As part of our Match-IT service, you have immediate access to a Senior Technical Consultant for additional robust support, the Pegasus Help Desk, and a Central Dispatch contact that will put you in contact with the right member of your team.

Match-IT is a personalized IT service that matches your business with a dedicated team of technicians based on personality and skills. Our team will get to know your business and its unique needs, providing both onsite and remote support. With Match-IT, you’ll never have a random IT tech show up who doesn’t know your business. Contact us to learn more about our service.

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